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There's a certain benevolence

February 14, 2021


There a certain benevolence 
to being alone
There's a certain kindness 
To just being on your own 
Having your heart grow as hard as grass through a pavement 
Gives you the ability (that you might not know)
To uphold the souls of those who have not 
Felt the same  notion of loneliness 
Like you or I
We are the subject of solitude that had made us sturdy and secure 
Still, there is a certain benevolence 
To loving ones lonesome 


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  • SamRose

    I love it! Loneliness is a good thing sometimes. I come up with some of my best ideas when I am alone. :)

    3 months ago
  • BriRiley

    This is so true! Sometimes i just need to be alone to take a break from thing! Love ur work!

    3 months ago
  • Blue Jay

    This is amazing! "We are the subject of solitude that had made us sturdy and secure" I like the imagery this creates, and the whole poem is amazing in general. It's just so good. :)

    3 months ago
  • Ava Marie

    This is so beautiful!

    3 months ago