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On the High Seas | 6

December 29, 2020


The next morning, Tallis woke at dawn. He headed above deck just as the sun began to rise. The morning was beautiful. A warm, pink light scattered across the sky, throwing shining waves against the sides of the Manta. He could see the rippling silhouettes of mysterious creatures as they swam in the depths below. The creak of the wood and the salty sea air gave Tallis a sense of adventure. 
    “Where are we off to today?” Tallis asked, joining Ladell at the helm of the ship. 
    “We have a steady wind blowing east. Millview Port is about a day away in this direction. We’ll stop there, and make sure to shake anyone who might try to follow us.” Ladell tossed a teasing glare at Tallis.
    “I’m assuming by anyone you mean Colborne?”
    “He knows how I sail. The best chance to avoid him is stopping along coasts, completely random. Hopefully we had enough of a head start.” 
    “You have a beautiful ship,” Tallis said, running a hand over the carved woodwork of the railing. 
    “And it takes a lot of hands to keep it that way,” Ladell said. “Speaking of which, I do need your help. Find Marley and help her with the sails. We need to take full advantage of this wind if we hope to stay ahead of Colborne. 
    “Aye, aye, captain,” Tallis said with a sly smile.

    They sailed all day. As the sun began to get lower in the sky, the wind began to blow slightly north. However, Ladell decided to keep the Manta pointed East. It slowed their progress, but Millview Port was their only hope to throw Colborne off their trail. Just as she began to believe they had gotten out of harm's way, Ladell heard Avril call out a warning.
    “Captain!” Avril shouted from the crows nest. “Ship comin’ astern!”
    Ladell ran to the right of the ship and scanned the horizon. There, black against the setting sun, sailed a tall ship, which loomed high above the waves. The ship was decorated with the figurehead of a Basilisk; the serpent's long body wrapped around the bow. Ladell recognized the figurehead at once. It belonged to a ship that had hounded them nonstop; a ship whose captain was the most powerful, stubborn, and richest man that had ever walked the earth. It was the Fortune, the prized ship of Captain Colborne. 
    Fear gripped Ladell. Not again, she thought. 
    “All hands about! Prepare tacking!” Ladell ordered. Avril raised the alarm. The rest of the crew took to their stations. Ladell spun the wheel so they angled away from the ship approaching. With a little luck, Ladell thought, we can keep out of range
    “What’s wrong?” Tallis called to Ladell, rushing up the stairs to the stern-castle. He could tell Ladell was nervous. She gripped the wheel tighter. 
    “It’s Colborne,” Ladell said curtly. “He’s gaining, but we might be able to postpone the fight. We have the smaller vessel.”
    “What can I do?”
    “Go help Corrin! Get the cannons ready and in position!” 
    Tallis nodded and ran to the main deck. 
    “Marley!” Ladell shouted. “Marley, get a few others! Start dumping anything not needed!” 
    Although it was a small ship, the Manta was a fast one. Ladell sailed her strong, but she knew the limits of her loyal vessel. She knew she could only delay the inevitable one more time.
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