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"Favorite" Song

December 28, 2020


A common question for people to ask others is "what's your favorite song?"

I always have the same answer. I can not possible choose just one. I feel so many different feelings for so many different songs. A song with a beat that fuels my brain and sparks my thoughts could easily rival another that fuels my soul with its lyrics. I believe all songs are good in their own right. I could listen to a song on the radio and not relate to it at all but still enjoy it and think of the song highly. I could also be alone on the floor of my room at two in the morning listening to a song whose lyrics play my heartstrings like a cello and respect it just as much. Why must I be limited to one? To five? Why have a limit at all? There are infinite songs that have yet to be heard. Why limit myself to a favorite when I haven't even explored all my options yet? New songs are being released every day and sadly, nobody will have the privilege to listen to them all. Some people aren't as blessed to listen as other people including myself are! I could find one song I have loved, still love, and will love for my entire life and even after, but I can never award it with the title of "favorite". I deem it unfair. If that song is the favorite, why must a song I equally enjoy go unrecognized or unnamed? Sure, I could easily pick a song I repeat for several days to be the favorite and move on with the conversation, but why do that if it will change in the next thirty seconds and make me feel guilty for prioritizing songs and artists? Songs speak to me in a way nobody ever could, with a beautiful language I get to interpret in my own, one of a kind way. I am so fortunate to be able to even have the option to choose a favorite, although I never will because as long as that is a privilege, it is also a sword. Music and I are connected and I will never cut ties from her with that sword. 
Thank you to my friend Cannon for having this conversation with me and inspiring me to write this piece <33 


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  • crystalline•galaxies

    i love this so much! honestly, i feel like music takes different parts of us and moves them in a certain way, so picking just one favorite song is rather difficult. like, it's almost as if your soul is cut into pieces and each one belongs to a different type of music. and i'm really liking the way you capture that kind of excitement about music, too; like, it's something you just can't get over or be done with. lovely piece.

    4 months ago