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I watch a lot of influencers on YouTube so when I write some of my series or inspirational things I feel like I’m an influencer making a video!

Message to Readers

MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope this is just something that’s peaceful and inspiring! That’s my goal!!!! Comment down below a piece of inspiration you’d like me to watch, questions about me, and also how this piece was interesting! :)

Words of Encouragement #2

December 25, 2020


I can hear Santa

First it was the reindeer but now it’s Santa! 

I remain quiet and still
my ear is waiting for a sound
a voice

And my one eye is open wide
while my other remains shut
so it looks like I’m asleep

My face is quiet
and my body is silent

I don’t make a sound
not even a peep
and then I hear Santa creep

I can hear the footsteps 
on the hard wood floor
and a voice
from the room next door

The reindeers hooves made a sound
it made a sound like

I could hear the jingle of the bells
there sweet sound
made me go to back to bed

The next day would be Christmas Day 
and Santa I really did ask and pray 
for happiness and love 
and joy to us all

Santa please fill my stocking with care
give us the one thing
that my family needs

Merry Christmas Santa
I whisper so soft

Merry Christmas Owen
and sleep well tonight
your wish has been granted
good noght
A followers writing piece that is so inspiring and so worth it! I loved, I loved it, and I love it! Please read it I promise every word and letter is so worth it!

Why are we so afraid to shine? By: Cata Loda

Please comment questions you have for me because I’ll be doing a Q and A or Character  study thing for 50 followers!!! Also comment any inspiration that you need and I’ll write a piece on it for my words of Encouragement! Stay tuned for that until January 1st. I want to end and start the year with giving!!! :) <3


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  • Cata Londo

    Thanks for sharing my piece! I really appreciate it.

    2 months ago