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December 25, 2020

PROMPT: Dust Jacket

A little intro to me, Shi! 

Three communities to which you belong (these can be unusual).  
  • LGBT+ community! I'm bisexual to those wondering. 
  • I'm a fan of BTS so apart of the ARMY I guess? 
  • Well, I recently joined this community as well.
Three places you learn well (these can be unusual).   
  • My bed.
  • The library, which has always been a great place for me for more than just learning. 
  • The cafeteria at my school, I think it's the fact that I've gotten used to doing so many last minute assignments there as well.
Three adjectives your peers would use to describe you.
  • Creative, I often offer them ideas or share some of my work. 
  • Independent, most people know I enjoy doing things on my own and being alone too. 
  • Closed off, it's the Pisces in me. 
Three adjectives your family would use.
  • Indifferent, which I'm actually not, I just don't react much perhaps. 
  • Cheeky.
  • Opinionated, and because of that, I often end up in debates (or arguments) with my brothers.
Three adjectives you would use. 
  • Artistic, I simply enjoy appreciating art a lot. 
  • Dreamy, by which I'm often in my head a lot. 
  • Calm. 
Three beliefs you hold.   
  • We're all greedy by nature. 
  • You don't need to earn or deserve happiness, it's just an emotion you should allow yourself to feel it whenever. 
  • You don't always need a goal in life, really, as long as you're having a good time and you're in a good place. 
Three sources of comfort.   
  • Reading, I use escapism A LOT. 
  • Nostalgia, I tend to revisit things that once made me happy when I'm feeling empty. 
  • Talking to someone, I'm naturally a person who likes to be alone but sometimes it becomes too much and having someone to distract me or remind me I don't NEED to be alone all the time is comforting. 
Three instincts that serve you well.   
  • I can easily tell which way a conversation is going and how I can make it better. 
  • I know when I need some alone time. 
  • I can figure out when someone feels uncomfortable by something I did. (to be honest, I didn't know what to write for this question too much)
Three responsibilities you shoulder.   
  • Taking care of my younger brother. 
  • Balancing my studies and my time for myself. 
  • Trying to heal from certain issues.
Three things of which you are proud.   
  • Some of my writing pieces. 
  • Some of artwork. 
  • My taste in music I guess? 
Three qualities that make your life singular and/or unusual.
  • Umm, I really don't know what to say for this one. I think all our lives are just sorta different so my unusual may not be unusual for you? I also kind of hate this answer but oh well, take it as it is. 
Words: 465

if you've read until this far, thank you! i hope you spent a lovely christmas if you celebrate and if not, happy holidays and take care of yourself <3 


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  • Starlitskies

    Loved getting to know you more! And welcome to WtW! We're glad to have you here! I'm definitely with you on the independent thing, and what you said about happiness is truly wonderful! Can't wait to read more of your work. :)

    9 months ago
  • poetgoneonpluto

    damn, that's so good!! well, i was scared to write on this prompt but seeing you i feel i am encouraged to write. also, the sources of comfort are a legit necessity for me except the talking one. loved it!!

    9 months ago