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it is frustrating, to know and be so little when truth lies before you, just out of reach. why must we cloud ourselves so? is this all we are? doomed to see potential but always end up short, to always be blinded to something for our own faults, to see reality in the tiny bubble we perceive? feedback is welcome.


December 23, 2020


What Is Poetry?
Using flowery language, 
Painting a mural of words,
Crushing petals against paper,
Smudging ink and delicate fragrance across the page,
Condensing blood and honey into words,
Turning death into metaphors.
But reality is rarely that beautiful.

What Is Reality, Then?
Is it crushing flowery language against asphalt?
Watching bright petals wilt and die,
The fragile scent of something already gone,
Using echoes of the living to paint a mural,
A crushed floral corpse, 
Starkly dull and dipped in sorrow,
Beauty drips in a pretentious glow.

Why Separate Them At All?
The ugliness of language is easy to find,
Guttural rage spat from the tip of a pen,
Flowery words watered by tears,
The beauty in the terrifying,
The bright red of blood as beautiful as a summer rose,
Poisonous belladonna soaked in rainwater,
The sharp utterance of a slur in the dark,
Pages soaked with vulgarity, with perfume, with humanity,
Why care if the lines are blurred?

Why Does Writing Exist?
Writing exists to record our humanity.
How we perceive it.
How we imagine it.
We describe the world in a myriad of ways
Using flowery language crowns covered in tragedy
How can we dare to try and compress it all?
Such limited minds we have.
Alas, those minds are all we have.
Truth is what you make of it.


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  • aiyanna

    There is just so much to love about this. The structuring, like having a question to begin each stanza, THE VOCABULARY, the overall flow of your thinking, it's very well written.

    2 months ago
  • Syzygy (#words) (J.A.M)

    OOh! This is awesome!! <3

    2 months ago
  • Busssy.Beee

    ah, the word choice here is amazing! I love the first stanza the most. "Painting a mural of words;" here I love the comparison between words and art. "Turning death into metaphors." i love the feel in this line, beautiful!!

    2 months ago