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Dogs, Broadway, singing, writing, reading, some K-Pop, Alec Benjamin, Dimash, Marcus Warner, Disney, Netflix, (2010) The Little Prince, nature, oceans
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Oof. You found me. XD
I'm a fairly busy person, so I don't always post regularly. Also, since I am so busy, I often forget who wants to be updated, but I am working on that.

Go check out my collab with in_love_with_writing (she is amazing and so fun to work with!!) called "The Creditor's Daughter and the Debtor's Son!

I'm taking a[nother] break from "Brainwashed" (because of good ol' Writer's Block), but I may start working on another (new or old) series soon!

Shoutouts to:
Rohan's Defender
Stone of Jade
Book Kitten

And thank you to all my followers! You mean the world to me!

If you want to chat outside of here, my gmail is my username, just all lowercase :)

Angel of Music

December 23, 2020


You make me feel so inferior
and small
With your heavenly talent
You make me scream in anger and joy
I strive to at least get closer to you
You are the closet thing to Heaven I may ever find in this world
Dimash Kudaibergen...
why do you have to be so talented
I had to fan girl, my apologies. I heckin love this guys voice and talent! I'm no poet, but I tried (and failed) to make this slightly poetic


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  • Stone of Jade

    i have never heard of this guy but ill def go check him out XD im always looking for new music haha

    also, Ladell and Tallis are back with part 6 of On The High Seas!!!

    about 2 months ago