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December 23, 2020


It's a fickle thing, faith. 
Full disclosure: I have nothing against people being any religion. I'm not trying to tear anyone down here, I'm just trying to tell a story from a point of view that sometimes doesn't get shown properly. 
I am atheist, born and raised. My grandparents were Catholic, on one side at least. My mother and father were both raised religious, so it makes me cringe to read people saying that atheists are only the ones who had bad experiences with religion. I know my parents were happy as Christians. But I also know what they are no-longer -- and never will be again-- Christian. Why did they stop being Christian? you ask, well they just were and then they weren't. 
I've been to church twice in my life, as far as I remember. It was two very different experiences. The first time, I think my dad wanted to show my sister and I what church was like, as a sort of religious education. As I was a six-year-old at the time, I remember a few things about it: 
  1. It was very hot and stuffy. 
  2. We left before the service finished, I think. 
  3. My sister and I were confused as to why we went in the first place
  4. The building was pretty... 
  5. And there was a courtyard outside. 
At the time, I don't think I even knew what church meant. I just new it was a building where a man read something out, you stood up, and then you ended up leaving before it was finished because your sister thought it was way too hot. 
I hope I make it clear, I have nothing against people of any religion. We are all different, and some things suit some people and not others. 
I think there are misconceptions about most, or all religions, really. 
To the people who think atheists just had bad experiences, I cannot deny that I have had bad experiences with religion. But it happened after I was firmly cemented in atheism, not before. It was not the religion that hurt me, per se, but the people. And the parts of the religion. 
It started, I think, when I attempted to write a novel with my friend. The friend in question, was a twelve-year-old Christian girl. It was to do with the topic of the LGBT+ community that the real conflict between her and I broke out. 
I wanted to make the character who I wrote bisexual, because that was just part of the character. She would have a crush on a female friend of hers. The girl I was writing the book with said no. It was so strange, the fact that a perfectly nice girl would try to control my writing, saying that she didn't want an LGBT+ character in it. Stranger yet, the fact that we had already agreed, based on the fact that she said that she wasn't supposed to marry a woman, so if wrote that character, no-one could object. 
But there it was, an email from her. It said that she couldn't include LGBT+ Characters, because "I'm a Christian, so that's not good for me." It also said that the novel "Had to work for both of us." 
I cried that day. I cried, because couldn't she see how hypocritical she was being? She was objecting to the very existences of so many people, for no good reason. And yet, she made characters in it Christian, so how come I couldn't make characters bisexual? I responded with this, but once again was brushed of. 
I do not write this to criticize her, because I truly believe she's changed. She has not objected to the presence of LGBT+ characters in my writing, which is good. 
The real question is I cried and argued and fought with one of my best friends, but for what reason? And the truth is, I have no answer. 
The other question is what gives people the right to hurt others? Nothing. That's the answer. I think that a lot of people, though by no means the majority, think atheists have no morals. The other day I heard a friend say --after we were having a conversation about murder, and someone said "it's illegal though" and someone else said "loads of things are illegal, that doesn't stop people doing them"-- "I wouldn't murder someone because I'm a Christian. This confused me. To conclude, if you were wondering: atheists will not murder people either (most of them, anyway), because people don't deserve to be murdered. And because that is kind of a really horrible and dark thing to do. 
Again, this friend is one of the nicest people I know. When she asked "who was the first ever gay person" I realized that a lot of people just need educated. 
So yes, I have faith that the species of humans evolved from tiny creatures that lived under the sea millions of years ago. My father, who is a geologist and well informed on most sciences, can verify that this is the truth. I know that what I just said is opening up a free playing field for trolls, but truly, why would I care? If they are going to say that that's not true, without evidence, why should I give them a minute of my time? 
So believe what you want, don't tear others down, and whatever you do, if you're homophobic, I don't want to be friends. 
I hope I made it clear in this piece, I am NOT HERE TO HATE ANYONE. I really hope that's understandable, because this is just my writing, so don't read it if you don't want to. 


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  • Saher Gole

    Absolutely agreeable! But, the sad thing for me (a secular humanist atheist) is this kind of indoctrination children go though. Teaching kids about their culture and traditions and stuff isn't wrong...but imposing your beliefs unjustifiably certainly is! We needlessly create cruelty and hatred due to such mindless, irresponsible and discrimatory behaviour and preaching it under the pretense of "religious freedom". It's as if you get a free ticket to thrust your outspokenly prejudiced and wrong "beliefs". There's nothing wrong in being religious, irreligious or agnostic (at least theoretically), but be it any organized group, we humans have a way to muddle up, marginalize and dehumanize others. Sad.

    5 months ago
  • Blue Jay

    " It was not the religion that hurt me, per se, but the people. And the parts of the religion." I can relate to that. Being surrounded by family of all kinds of religions I have definitely felt pressured and upset because of religion. I am becoming much more of an atheist now after being raised going to church and Sunday school, and it really is because of some of the people and some aspects of the religion. I once cried because of how the church treated gay people, and how bad it really is, and then had to go to church immediately afterward. I understand. I respect all religions, it's just some aspects can be a bit much, and sometimes people take things to the point where they hurt people, and I definitely don't want to be friends with someone who is homophobic either.

    5 months ago