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Life Update: I'm back! Things have been tough but I feel so happy, I've started a new book called Ghost Boy, all chapters are done in 2 parts, weekly updates!

Ghost boy- An Aged Soul, Chapter 1 Part 2

December 28, 2020


The Practice game is about to start. I stare intently at my team getting into their positions. I shout “Go Seagulls.” and cheer as loud as I can, no one seems to notice or care.
Once the game starts I fall into this sleep stare where I begin to daydream about Petal. Her beautiful lips and swirling hair, her deep eyes and pale skin. Her hand brushing mine as she whispers in my ear.
“Wanna maybe have some fun?”
I wake to the sound of the bell going, I must have fallen asleep. I had stayed up very late with Danny at the beach. I yawn and climb down the bleachers moving onto my next class. I go to stop by at Danny's locker and see him approaching from the other side of the corridor. 
“I’m going to the spot on the beach after school, maybe you could come too,” Danny says turning to face me.
I nod and float on. The day goes on slowly and by the time english is over I’m ready to go to the beach. I hit my locker first taking my bag out and placing all of my homework inside. Kinda ironic isn’t it? They call it homework yet I have no home.
Anyway, I start to walk down the hall and I keep getting bumped, it’s so crowded in here I hadn’t noticed. I reach the end of the corridor and walk outside and there is so many people. Our school has about 800-900 people, but this, this was too many. 
I ignore all the people and walk left towards the beach. 
Walk toward the beach was also somewhat magical. You could smell all the food and hear the waves crashing and the seagulls screaming. The wind would wip your face and sand would crawl into your shoes. And as you neared it all you could see the bright colors of all the vendors, the ocean rolling. Now I could smell pizza and tacos and hotdogs, the hotdogs must be new. I walk over and ask for one taking out my wallet and putting a few bills on the counter.
“This is the first time I’ve seen your stall here, are ya new?” I ask as the vendor, Steve on his name tag.
“Nah, been here awhile everyone loves us. Have a nice day though.”
I nod and walk away from the line queuing behind me. Everywhere seems so crowded, I mean I can barely walk. I push my way through the crowd making it to the railing. I look out to the sparkling ocean and hot sands seeing barely anyone on the beach. 
I walk down the steps to the beach sitting halfway down to take my shoes off. I lift my shoes up and tip out the sand placing my socks inside. My heart starts pounding and I become almost too giddy to eat my hotdog. I take the first bite and already I want another, the dog’s sweet almost like it has BBQ sauce inside. I wonder what’s in it, I’ll have to take Danny there sometime.
I walk down the beach feeling the sand move and shift under my weight. Surprisingly the beach is empty, I start walking down to mine and Danny's spot but I notice a group of people had moved the branches off of the pit and made a fire. 
I rush over now, my hotdog finished, “Excuse me, um that's my friend and I’s spot, what are you doing here?”
The group turns around and a woman about 25, probably young gets up with a giant smile on her face. She takes my hand and shakes it between hers. “You must be Jake, as in Jake and Danny,” She does this weird eye rolling thing and continues still shaking my hand. “I have heard all about you, I’ve been watching you and Danny for years, now I finally get to meet you!”
“Beulah calm down.” Says a man behind us laughing. “Danny will probably be coming any minute.”
Beulah turns to the guy saying “Orlando you’re right, everyone up, leave the fire going though.”
Beulah turns to look at me saying “When you crossed I saw so excited to meet you and now I have so thank u. And your friend Danny? He’ll be with you soon, I can feel it.”
The guy Beulah called Orlando comes up beside her giving her a quick peek on the cheek. “She’s never wrong.” he says towards me.
Beulah's right hand flies up to her cheek as she turns bright red. “See you later Jake.”
“Yeah, see ya.”
I sit down and leave the fire going waiting for Danny. He shows up a few minutes later and I tell him I’m going home.
The rest of the night I ponder what Beulah had said, eventually falling asleep.
I wake up craving those hotdogs I had yesterday. I get up and get changed, taking my bag with me. I’m going for a hunt.
School’s about to start in a half hour and I wanna talk to Petal before class. I start walking toward the boardwalk vendors eager for another hotdog. I spot Steve and walk over, he sees me to and waves. 
“Ah kid, you back for more?”
“Yup, they were so good.”
“I never caught your name yesterday.”
“It’s Jake” I smile.
“Ah Jake, you’re a new one, hotdog on me today. Have a good one!” Steve hands me a hotdog and I leave for school.
As I walk to school I start to notice things I hadn’t before, like the way the trees bend and move, the way wind clings to the things it touches. The chirps of birds as they sing to one another, the grass as it waves to me, the flowers wishing me luck. I walk on in a trance taking it all in, all the beauty.
I make It to school as I see Petal just entering the building, I wake up and rush after her. Today would be the day I ask her out.
I walk down the hall passing all the metal lockers being clunked open and shut. I spot Petal and walk up to her.
“Hey um Petal,” She turns toward me, “Would you maybe like to-”
I don’t get to finish my sentence because Petal just walks right through me.
This is the last part of Chapter 1 sorry its late, i've been really busy with Christmas, part 1 of chapter 2 will probably be done by the end of the week. hopefully.

Im really sorry BlueWolf, but I hope u enjoyed it


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  • BlueWolf (Semi Hiatus)

    NOOOOO!!! He's *sniff sniff* dead. Danny don't die. (But do. So you can keep him company.) Idk. mixed emotions. :3 This is an extremely interesting concept. I am eagerly awaiting the next part. I like the cliffhanger on this piece. I think that more rules need to be made and to be clear surrounding being dead, and how you can interact with the living (e.g. Danny talks to him). I would like maybe a bit more world building surrounding the world of the dead and if there is anything a bit different. But I like the descriptions of the walk to the beach. Amazing writing!!!

    4 months ago