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"take me with you, finished thing"
"too dizzying to love anywhere
but from a distance"

have an ineffable day!


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thanks to paisley blue, rwong, wisp, and crystalline galaxies for all the love and support.

scribble chums with remi'sgotinkstains, useless :), and Starlitskies.

i think i'm a broken umbrella?

take a deep breath and
let tomorrow dissolve
into today;

// game of life

December 23, 2020

your hand encasing mine, channeling warmth into my body, my being.
bodies pressed together, holding each other up before they collapse.
an electric connection.
sweat. tears. smiles.

    sharp tang of citrus, of curry, of heat and spice and complexity.
    sweet liquid gliding down my parched throat.
    i never thought water could taste so good, smell so good.
    like fresh air and good night kisses and the wind woman dancing in the trees.

it's all in my head, somehow keeping me sane.
it's my world, built out of words and images.
i use the redwood as my blank canvas, my blank page.

    talking to myself again.
    familiar hilt and dip of words that
    cascade out of my lips and dive into my ears.

all of this--
the games i make up,
the smell and taste and feeling of your skin on mine, 
the water seeping into my body,

        reminds me i'm not a skeleton. not just skin and bones.
        i'm made of ideas, of emotions, of blood spilled by my ancestors long ago.
        no, this makes me feel alive, more than i've ever been.

hi people, i'm back! missed all of you and your writing so much. um... kinda did a little something with this prompt and it probably doesn't make sense but here ya' go!


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  • December 23, 2020 - 5:52pm (Now Viewing)

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  • Zirong

    Awww this piece just takes my breath away!!! :) I like the way you use "//" to build up a beautiful form :)

    (btw I saw the quote in your message, just wanna say that Looking for Alaska is my fav book!!!)

    4 months ago
  • Blue Jay

    Replying: Thank you so much for your support! Paperclips "piece" was bad, and I'm glad to help call it out! It's not typically something I do (it does indeed take a lot of energy to call people out). This world is filled with hate, but I will say that your work does bring some light into my day, so thank you for that as well. You are truly an amazing writer and even more of an amazing person and you should know that. Thank you so much again, and have a wonderful day :).

    4 months ago
  • rwong

    hiiiiii ok i know this isn't related to this piece (not that i didn't just reread it for the 10th time in a row because i literally cannot get enough of it and honestly just read crystalline galaxies's comment because she just wrote out my thoughts way better than i could write them out lol) but *deep breath* i've read your message board and the one where you were talking about how good john green's books and podcast was, and i just finished "looking for alaska" literally 1 minute ago, and i wanted to tell youuuu because it's soooo good and so shocking and omygoodness i'm not a realistic fiction sort of person but like honestly thank you!! for introducing me to this amazing author and now imma go read the rest of his book
    ok sorry that was really rambly
    have an amazing day mir!! <3 <3

    5 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    re: awwww so glad you liked my piece :) your comment made me feel all warm inside <3 and yes, lets get friend married XD i'm sure she'd love to be your grandma too :)

    also, just read tuffy's comment below and i wanted to echo it <3 you're such an uplifting, wonderful, kind person, and every time i see you pop up in my notifs i smile, because you're so sweet and special to me :) and honestly... you might be one of my closest friends on here. i feel like we just... clicked, and that's kinda cool, i think :) what i'm saying is i'm so grateful for you and i want you to know that. you've helped me so much and i want to always be there for you in the same way <33 hope you're having a wonderful day, dear! :)

    5 months ago
  • crystalline•galaxies

    i can't get enough of this piece. i feel as if i'm drinking it and it's the only thing sustaining me. the way you describe -- well -- everything is delicate and intricate and intimate and i want to surround myself with it like a fluffy blanket. i keep going back to it and reading it through, trying to find a section of words to gush over, but every single one is so beautifully crafted that to pick one would be betrayal to all the others. it's not as if i could do it justice, anyway. you're a goddess.

    re: your comment just about made me cry... the fact that i was able to capture those feelings that others experience is something that means a lot to me. i hope you're doing alright. (and thank you for the compliment on my name, haha! or rather, thank my father. i think it's the coolest thing about me, to be honest.)

    re to the comment that wasn't even for me: okay, so your comment on wisp's piece. i feel like i need to address that. it was so pretty and heartfelt and you summed up my feelings about wisp and this whole entire site perfectly. and naming me as one of the people who's helped to shape you? mirkat, i had to put down my computer and stare into the wall for a good minute there! i'm still in shock! i look up to you so much and i know i haven't been the best on keeping up with your pieces (i have a real problem with that, it's not just you, i promise) but like i had to reread this piece a couple of times just because it's so gorgeously crafted and all of your comments are so sweet and genuine and you're so lovely. what i'm trying to say is that i appreciate you, and it's really late at night here and i'm getting sappy but just know that you are such an important part in my life. take care, please!

    5 months ago
  • AliMuscles04

    Re: The Oasis's (in My Brother's Throne) description is out! Look at the footnotes if you're confused! https://writetheworld.com/groups/1/shared/209317/version/432362

    5 months ago
  • pyrrhic

    i really wish i could pull out some of my favorite lines, but if i did that i'd probably end up with a comment that completely plagiarized your poem lmao. the entire thing is just so good. my whole attention was on the words in front of me. and for someone with zero attention span, that's quite the feat.
    welcome back! i hope you're well! :) <3

    5 months ago
  • rwong

    woahhhh i love this!!! maybe i should try this prompt some time :) you did amazing!!
    re: hiiiii welcomeeee backkkk i missed you too!! i've been working on some poetry but it's taking quite some time lol anyway how was ur trip?? i hope you're doing amazinggg and enjoying ur break <3

    5 months ago
  • psithurism

    Umm wow! This is magnificent! I love it!

    5 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    AHH this is stunning... you really made this prompt shine :) i love your poetry, dear! <333

    5 months ago
  • Caleb Urlacher

    wow!! this is great

    5 months ago
  • serein

    Ohh... this is stunning! Takes my breath away. It doesn't always have to make sense (although it does for me) there can be beauty in nonsense :)
    re: can't believe I haven't followed you yet either! Easily remedied :)

    5 months ago