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Hey there!
My First Poetry Book is out; A Clare Misfit
I've had issues publishing but it's finally out!!!

Show some love to my pieces and I'll show some right back <3

Let's talk...please

December 22, 2020


Is it just over ambition,
Or am I meant to take things slowly
perfect it
and things will fall in place 
if it must
or is that an excuse to fall behind

lots of young stars out there
I'm much older 
and haven't achieved as much
should I be ashamed 
and double my hardwork to meet up
or I should I work at my own pace
and not feel overwhelmed
or is that an excuse to fall behind

in the end I'm personally not running anywhere
i want to achieve everything i have planned out
Die smiling
Let's talk...Please


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  • ~wildflower~

    This piece is great too! Yes, go you! This outlook is inspiring.

    3 months ago
  • ~wildflower~

    Re: thank you!!! I just had a quick look at A Clare Misfit, and it is amazing! You are such a talented writer! I admire the bravery and persistence that you must have had to publish you’re first book - that’s a really big and exciting step. I’m excited to read it properly when I have some time!

    3 months ago