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​A Sonnet for Insomnia

December 22, 2020


Sinking in the river of emotions
Bewildered, this dream is more real than life 
— and much tougher for a penetration 

So I decided to clear up the lines
Restructure the abstractions of my past
Thought I’ve been acquainted enough with Time 

Ruminating over questions you asked 
With fear and craving, wide awake I stayed
Now weighing between misfortune and luck

As I turned the page for Time, my thoughts swayed 
To my castle in the air. Slow motion
The songs of wood frogs were fading away

The wail of sirens tore my dreams open
I heard you murmur, “Hallucination.”
- This is a terza rima sonnet, at least I tried my best :)
- Basically a terza rima sonnet requires a) rhymes in the format of ABA BCB CDC DAD AA, b) iambic pentameter(each line consists of ten syllables in a specific pattern) and c) exactly 14 lines(as applicable to all sonnets).
- Hope it works!


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  • Emi

    Wow...I've written a sonnet before so I know how hard it is, but you nailed it! This is really good and I like that you made every line ten syllables!

    9 months ago
  • Writing4Life

    Beautiful! So you wrote this?

    9 months ago
  • Starlitskies

    omhgsjfsldkfjdlskfjlsd this is brilliant!!!! I absolutely love this!!!!!! I seriously doubt your translation skills are bad. :D There's this poignant air to it that steals my heart whole! <3
    "Bewildered, this dream is more real than life" This line is so good and really grounds your opening stanza!!!
    "Restructure the abstractions of my past" So beautiful!!!! I love the alliteration! And the meaning oh my gosh! You've created multiple meanings, making your writing ambiguous! It's wonderful how 'abstractions' could mean thoughts, distractions or detachments! So many layers with just one word!!!
    "The songs of wood frogs were fading away" I love this line too! The fact that you're so specific with you writing, like saying 'wood frogs' instead of just 'frogs', adds an intricate touch to your work.
    "The wail of sirens tore my dreams open
    I heard you murmur, “Hallucination.” " This. is. simply. STUNNING! My favourite part of the poem! There's so much auditory imagery in those two sentences, I could practically hear it! And 'Hallucination'? What a powerful word to end your poem with! Now I wanna learn Chinese so I can read the original version!!!!! <3

    9 months ago
  • pyrrhic

    insomnia is literally the worst. i love the kind of light you put it in here

    9 months ago