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Ghost Boy- An Aged Soul, Chapter 1 Part 1

December 22, 2020


Jake Pothner, that’s my name.
I guess all that you need to know is that I live in an orphanage with several other boys. And this morning I’m in such a rush to get to school I even missed the bus.
Me and the boy in the next bed over share an alarm clock and I think I hit the snooze button about 12 times. The boy in the bed overs’ name is Danny Hughes, he and I have always been kinda there for each other but lately he’s been acting kinda off. He won’t talk to me and sometimes I hear him crying himself to sleep at night.
On a better note, I go to Sands High in Pacific Grove, California, a small coastal town. I honestly love it heard and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. This place also reminds me of my parents, or just my mother. The director of the orphanage, Anthony, said that my mother told him what had happened to her and that when I turned 10 he was to tell me the truth.
My mothers name was Leia, and she was only 19 when she had me. She told Anthony that she was raped by the guy who owned the restaurant she worked at. She said that the hospital wouldn’t let her abort me. My mother then decided to drive half way across the country to place me in a home where I could be one with her spirit. My mother loved the ocean and swimming, she loved the wilderness. And she loved me.
I burst out the front door of my home and run for my life down the street, at the pace I’m going I can get to school 5 minutes late. If I cut across the field I can be there on time, I think and run faster down the sand covered roads, past the beach. I reach the back fence and jump over cleanly chasing the other late students into school. We all clamber in the back door joining the rush for classes.
I have Math first, and in all honesty I hate my teacher so much it physically hurts. I normally stay quiet in class but do the work, I don’t really have friends at school. I walk up to the door and follow the other late students into the class slouching into a chair in the back. Mr. Wackerman walks in about 5 minutes later and immediately asks if we’ve done the homework. I, of course, had not done the homework for I was too busy drinking hot chocolate and eating doritos ‘round a bonfire on the beach with Danny. Not that we talked, we sat in silence the whole time.
I miss Danny, he hasn’t talked to me in awhile. I don't know what's wrong with him. After the years we have spent together and now nothing.
Right after all the students (but some) hand in their homework the most beautiful girl comes into the classroom. Her hair is short and straight with 2 longer pieces curled perfectly in the front. Detailed earrings hang from her ears and her summer dress is cut just right to show off the beautiful curves of her body.
I stare at her for a few moments too long, she turns my way and gives a weak smile. I know after class I should go and see if she’s okay but all I do is sit there and stare at her from behind. A few times I see her go to turn around and I look down at my books just to look up again and see her hazel brown eyes piercing my soul. By the end of class I'm too embarrassed to stay long after the bell to talk, I rush out of the class and move through the day planned ahead. 
At lunch I go and order my food and sit at my usual table, I wait about 5 minutes before I see Danny enter the cafeteria, I wave him down. It’s unusual for my food number to not have been called by now. He turns my way and nods, I watch him order his food getting his favourite, pizza and coming to sit with me.
Danny sits saying, “Hey Jake, how are things going?”
“Things are great but this is the first time you’ve talked to me in weeks, what’s been going on?”
“I’m doing okay, just not been feeling very good, last night was fun though, Mr. Far was so mad at me for not doing my homework.” Danny laughs and his whole face brightens.
I smile “I had fun too, I miss u though.”
“I miss you too.” Danny hears his number called and goes to retrieve his meal.
I get up too, there’s a practice for the football team today and I don’t wanna be late. Weird my number wasn’t called for lunch. I race out of the cafeteria and run into Petal, like actually run into her.
“Oh,” She exclaims and stands back.
“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry.” A very enchanting sensation overcomes my body and I’m no longer in control. My hands fly out to comfort her and I coo soft words to try and calm her down.
She just shakes her head and walks away, I turn and watch after her stepping to the side. The sensation floats away and behind me suddenly appears a guy, where the hell did he come from?
I continue down the everlasting hall and finally make it to the end, I turn right through the doors and hit the stands. Coach doesn’t look too happy today, in fact he hasn’t looked happy in about a week. I climb the bleachers all the way to the top and sit down with an empty stomach, I did wait 6 or 7 minutes before I left the cafeteria.
From up here at the top of the bleachers I can see everything, the whole field, the players, even the 2 kids making out under a tree. I’m filled with wonder, my eyes taking it all in. I always enjoyed heights, looking down on everything, seeing the world from a whole new view. Danny and I would go anywhere we could that was up high and just look. 
The Practice game is about to start.
this is the first part of chapter one the will only be a 2 part after, I have also written a prologue please read that first, its on my page, thanks so much for reading

WinterWolf(#holidayvibes) I hope u like it!!

lots of love to all <3


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  • BlueWolf (Semi Hiatus)

    I am so interested in this! Why have you not talked to him for a while Danny??? :( Come on now. I wonder if he is already dead? The clues are just enough to make me suspect but not enough to make me outright declare it. (If that makes sense.) It is a nice balance. The characters are really awesome. I think that what I have read so far on the characters means I can't judge them toooo much yet though. Just make sure they are not too one sided. (By that I mean stereotypical or not enough depth. Not that I think you will create them that way. I'm just trying to be helpful. Idk sorry.) I like the ending where he is gazing at everything and looking at everyone. I think the ending is a nice cliff hanger (not quite a cliffhanger I guess. But almost a cliffhanger.) It means the part feels finished and completed. So I am ready for the next one. I think there is a lot of potential here and I am excited for part 2!

    4 months ago