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I am so incredibly and sincerely sorry about how late this is!! I feel so bad about taking so long to finish this chapter. Sorry!!!

Chapter 7 of beth r.'s story chain

January 9, 2021


    Charlotte sighed as she perched on the edge of her bed. "Must I really?"    
    "Yes," said Alice, rifling through Charlotte's closet, "you must really."
    "I thought it felt good to be unladylike," Charlotte whined. She flopped onto her back and ignored the voice in her head whispering, you'll wrinkle your dress. The voice sounded more than a bit like Alice's. Or rather, it sounded like the voice from an Alice before this ridiculous idea had materialized in her mind. Now, she was nearly bouncing with giddy energy and likely ripping a few seams on Charlotte's dresses in the process.
    "It does! I am simply giving you the opportunity to share the experience. Besides, it's your turn to be the distraction." With a dramatic sweep of her arms, Alice brandished a dress from Charlotte's closet. "This one."
    Charlotte groaned. She circled Alice, inspecting the deep purple satin. "My cousin gave me that. It will never fit me— see, the shoulders are much too broad and I'll surely trip over this hideous trim."
    "I think the trim is delightful. And you know my prowess with a needle and some thread," said Alice. She smoothed the fabric. "This will do just fine."
    "Let me guess: you'll be wearing pants?" 
    "Of course I will."
    Charlotte laughed. "What if I'm not good at damsel-in-distress-ing?"
    "The dress will do the work for you," said Alice, her eyes sparkling as she stared at it. Charlotte felt as though she could have left the room and Alice would have been content speaking to an inanimate audience comprised only of the indigo dress. Alice turned around abruptly and exited the room. Charlotte hurried to follow her through the hallway. Over her shoulder, Alice continued, "If I happened to tear anything in your closet, I expect you to entrust me with them. I'm sure my sewing skills wouldn't mind a bit more practice."

~the next day~

    The two girls had exchanged dresses—Charlotte begrudgingly receiving the altered purple dress and Alice happily receiving the ones Charlotte suspected she had intentionally torn—and then they had agreed to meet in the alley next to Detective Barton's office at seven o'clock that evening. Now, Charlotte was perched on the edge of her bed again, trying to focus on a letter from her cousin Diane and failing miserably. She felt distinctly uncomfortable in the dress; the seams at her waist threatened to burst at any moment, and Charlotte wanted nothing more than to tear her hair out of this ridiculous up-do. She had planned not to look at herself in the mirror for fear she looked as terrible as she felt.
    Curiosity eventually got the best of her. Charlotte took a quick glance in the mirror, but couldn't manage to tear her eyes away again. The dress was unrecognizable. It fit Charlotte's figure perfectly, and Alice had somehow altered the hideous trim to seem a little less hideous. The sleeves slid off of Charlotte's shoulders, exposing her clavicles and neck to shine flatteringly under the light of Charlotte's nearby lamp. Charlotte caught herself wondering whether the same effect would be possible under the moonlight. She smiled. As fun as it was to be unladylike, Charlotte supposed femininity had its pleasures as well. 
    The chime of the grandfather clock down the hall startled Charlotte out of her thoughts. She made sure light from her lamp could be seen spilling from the cracks in the door frame of her bedroom as she crept out. Charlotte's mother would be horrified to see her dolled up like this. Charlotte tip-toed down the hallway and slipped through the front door. 
    As she made her way to Barton's office, Charlotte went through the plan in her mind for the hundredth time. She still felt rather jealous of Alice's bigger role, but she couldn't deny a small part of her was thankful she wasn't directly implicated in the investigation this time. Her doubts about continuing hadn't been entirely subdued by Alice's encouragement, although it had certainly helped.
    When Charlotte arrived at the alley, Alice was already standing there. She looked at Charlotte with an approving nod and then hurried into the shadows on the other side of the office. Charlotte was beginning to feel a little guilty. All she had done was complain, while Alice had gone out of her way to plan every aspect of the events that would transpire that night, from the timing to the appropriate dress for a young woman on her way to an evening party. The least Charlotte could do was willingly play her part.
     Right on time, Charlotte saw Detective Barton exiting his office. Before he had a chance to lock the door, Charlotte purposefully tripped over the edge of her dress and let out a shriek that she wished she could have blamed entirely on her acting. She couldn't help but feel a little satisfaction at the mud that splashed onto the trim she so disliked.
    When Charlotte looked up, Barton was in front of her, offering her his hand. "What's a young lady like you doing out so late?"
    Charlotte wailed, "My arranged transportation didn't appear, and I did so want to go to the party, I—" Over Barton's shoulder, Charlotte saw Alice scurrying out of the building with a sheet of paper clutched to her chest. When Alice was suitably hidden in the shadows a few blocks away, Charlotte pulled herself to her feet, much to Detective Barton's bemusement. "Thank you," said Charlotte, brushing a few specks of dirt off of her dress, "for being such a kind gentleman. I'll be on my way now. I wouldn't want to be late to that party."
    Detective Barton nodded, and as she strolled away, Charlotte hoped his eyes were narrowed in confusion, not suspicion. She thought she heard someone muttering. 
    "What was that?" Charlotte asked in what she hoped was an innocent voice.
    "Nothing," grumbled Detective Barton. "I just didn't think I had left this drawer open."
​    Charlotte strolled faster, her heart pounding.
Whew, exactly 1000 words. I apologize for the awkward transition between days; I wasn't sure how to write it. I'm pretty unfamiliar with writing this style, but this was still really fun. The next chapter will be written by izzywideon (aka fuzzypidgeon). Good luck! I can't wait to read it!

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  • wavewriter

    Just saw this!! And it's amazing! I love the way Charlotte and Alice are continuing to develop! Great work!

    6 months ago
  • Sunflower~

    I love this soooo much ahh!!!!!!! Someone should put all of them together, it is so hard to find each individual chapter! Have a good day!!! ;)

    6 months ago
  • | rosi willard |

    re: i was a lot of people, lol, but yeah i was izzywidgeon

    7 months ago
  • beth r.

    OOOh i love this! yes, Alice is really developing and I adore it! the descriptions of the dresses were just so real and beautifully done! I can't wait to here more about Diane!
    Great work!!
    ps. izzywidgeon is now isa m.

    7 months ago