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I'm the most inconsistent writer in the whole world. But well, here you have another poem. Hope you like it! Please don't forget to leave a comment <3

til distance tear us apart

January 4, 2021


you barely were home
always taking flights to different parts of the world
i could’ve almost forgotten your face 
if it weren’t for the polaroid I have in my nightstand 

thought distance couldn’t tear us apart
but you never calling showed otherwise 

my skin forgot the softness of your touch
my lips forgot the taste of yours

picked you up at Heathrow
it seems like there’s something you’re looking for
i guess you left your heart in Stockholm

when you came back, my heart didn’t skip a beat
and in your eyes i didn’t see the spark 
they used to have when you were with me
guess we all know what that means

there’s no one to blame
we couldn’t have seen it coming
no words needed to be said
we already knew our love was broken

looking back won’t do me any good
but sometimes i wonder what we would be like now
if we hadn’t let go of each other
but some love stories are meant to be history 


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