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I'm 17, interested in linguistics, mathematics, philosophy, theology, and history.

She/ Her | Bi | Disabled | Agnostic | Useless Intellectual | WA

I don't necessarily agree with my own assertions.

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I am primarily a poet, though I occasionally wade into prose and nearly always drown myself.

Listening to: Bell and Sebastian, Kings of Convenience, Jose Gonzales, Simon and Garfunkel, The Gentle Good

Reading: Albert Camus, Italo Calino, Robert Kaplan, Annie Dillard, Garcia Lorca, Hafiz, Ocean Vuong , Patrick Rothfuss

Watching: Derry Girls, Madam Secretary, The Durells in Corfu, Shitt's Creek

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I am always looking for good new books to read. Suggestions are welcome!

Please, please, feel free to start up a conversation or debate in the comment section of any of my pieces. There is nothing I like more than intellectual discussion.

Ornamental Angels

December 30, 2020


My soul is depreciating. I folded myself into complex origami, Gothic arches and bowties and little paper snowflakes, but the creases are starting to tear. 

There is nothing aesthetically pleasing about a Christmas Tree.  Cathedrals are beautiful. Mosques are beautiful. Forests are beautiful. I think Christmas Trees might be beautiful. Is it beautiful to give life to a dead thing? 

Do hopeless pilgrims pound life into miles? Do fat bankers eat living gold?  Do passionate martyrs die alive? Or do we modify our Gods after they are gone: hopeless, fat, passionate.    

I’m failing to harmonize. Ornamental zits corrupt my facial symmetry, and the rain falls rhythmless. Midnight is passing, the moment illuminated in electronic light and an electronic choir of depreciating angles.


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  • Luiza L

    I love your writing! the rhythm is soothing and invites the reader to continue reading. I also liked the central idea and the rare thinking about this Christmas time. Congratulations!

    about 2 months ago
  • A Certain Type of Decisive

    I think I’m going to lose my mind over your writing. It’s like the middle of the night where I am but I just like the way the words fit together if that makes any sense

    about 2 months ago