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The Smell of Blood- PART 1 By:Đåínþý_Øbľìvîöņ

January 2, 2021

PROMPT: All Talk

Why are we here, you know I hate scary stuff.
Ah lighten up baby, it won't be that scary, besides I heard there have been a few missing people cases around here!
Heidi, I love you to death, but come on your obsession with horror and scary stuff is what I am afraid will end up being our dates from now on.
Dex, please I know you hate stuff like this...lets make a deal, if we find nothing scary or interesting here then we can go home and we will watch anything you want baby.
Fine, you are lucky you freaking softy that I love you.
Alright then it is settled, we are going to see some ghost butts!
That is not why we are here! Ugh, lets just get this over with, it is cold and freaky out here.
Hey, I think I see something in the distance, it looks like a gas station I think?
Wait, but the news didn't say there cases were near a case station, did they?
I don't think so, but it is worth a shot, so lets go check it out.
F-fine, but I'm staying outside.
That is fine, but take this just incase.
You brought a pocket knife, Heidi you know-
I know Dex, I just brought it for protection, to protect you. Just take it because I don't want you to get hurt.
Fine, I will give this back after we are done/

Woah, this place is big....and dusty. Jeez when was the last time someone was in here.
Can you hurry up, I don't want to be out in the cold for too long. 
Yeah yeah, I know babe. Huh, the lights don't work either.
You have to remember, these cases have been spread in the last five years. This place has been abandoned after all, so I wouldn't be surprised if the electricity to this place was cut off.
I think I found the generator to this place, let me see if I can-
Heidi...Heidi? Come on stop joking around, answer me. Heidi...
Peekaboo! Got you!
Ugh, you little weasel brained, immature, Sagittarius, human adult child! Don't scare me like that.
Dex I was just trying to lighten the mood since-
No! No more! I didnt want to be here in the first place. It was suppose to be a date night, not a mysery hunt! I'm leavin have fun in own your own!
Dex, baby come back, I just wanted to give you a little scare.
A little scare, a scare! I hate horror and creepy stuff, I just ughhh! Im going back to the car, bye!
Babe wait it is a long walk back to where the truck is.
Ill take my chances!

That little jerk, she knows I hate this stuff. Ugh she is so ughhhhh! I can't think of what to call her! I just wanted to have a simple date night, just one night. We have been married for 5 years after have been dating for 9. Sigh, I love her...I really do but she is so out going and hyper. Im an Aries...why can't I match her energy for horror. Everything else we get and wed love together, that is why U married her...I should go back, she may het hurt and I am worried about her.
W-wait, w-was that a s-scream. Heidi...Heidi!!!

I-Im  out of breathe, s-she isn't here anymore, maybe she is inside? Babe, Heidi...I heard you scream are you okay? Ugh, this place reeks...where is this smell coming from? Wait a minute, what is on the wall? "RUN!" Run from what?
To be continued...



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