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"It's alright, it's okay. You're not a monster just human and you made a few mistakes,"
-It's Alright by Mother Mother

"One page of the bible isn't worth a life,"
-The Village by Wrabel

"A hundred bad days makes a hundred good stories and a hundred good stories makes me interesting at parties,"
-100 Bad Days by AJR

"I thought you had me in prison this whole time, but I'm the one holding the key."
-Intro III by NF

"But there's a moment when you realize parents aren't superheroes or villains. They're painfully, unforgivably human. The question is can you forgive them for being human anyway?"
-Dry by Neal Shusterman

"If I wait 'til my tomorrow comes is the waiting all I've ever done?"
-Ben Platt

things that just make sense

December 17, 2020



math is blue.
english is a reddish orange.
the number 3 is ultimately the best number.
the number 5 is an even number.
3 and 4 are either really unsatisfying together or really satisfying and there is no in between.
division is just bigger subtraction, and multiplication is just bigger addition.
the number 3 is green.
the letter a is even and the letter o is odd.
7 is the worst number and 6 is the second worst.
i would tell you whether every letter is even or odd but i won't bore you.


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  • December 17, 2020 - 9:36pm (Now Viewing)

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  • astrea

    i agree with everything except seven being the worst,lol

    7 months ago
  • beth r.

    i adore this!
    also, congrats on 250! i think you may be the first guy wtw to hit that milestone, so here's to making history *clinks apple juice box*

    7 months ago
  • barelybear

    re: oof maths is a cool colour? There’s just this vibrancy and clarity of numbers and reasoning that I can only see as yellow. We could settle and go green, but I’m not sure...
    Purple is definitely poetry - it’s by far the most melodramatic colour :)

    7 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    *sorry, y is actually odd, i didn't mean to type even :)

    8 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    YOU DO IT TOO?????
    I could tell you what color every number is, their personalities, and if letters are even or odd... I NEVER THOUGHT SOMEONE ELSE COULD DID THAT TOO
    Also, you're wrong--math is red and english is purple. 4 is the best number--she's soft and gentle and nice. 4 is also green. 5 is the worst number, because he's too pretentious. a is even, e is even, i is odd, o is odd, u is even, and y is even. i could do more, but that's boring.
    I've thought about this a lot, so cool to know i'm not the only one!!! :D love you, bro

    8 months ago
  • Jasmin khawar

    I do this too a lot!! Its fun

    8 months ago
  • Karma’s_Coming

    Oh dude, that’s so cool! I always thought of English and math the other way around, but of course three is the best number, there is no competition. This whole piece reminds me of this thing I saw where it described how 7th grade, sophomore year, and the age 19 give off the same energy. Same with October, the number 8, and Thursday. It’s fascinating. Sorry for the long comment.

    8 months ago
  • Sunflower~

    I love this! It's called synesthesia, I researched it for a project in my psychology class, cuz I have it too ;) It can be different for everyone, for me, it's like 3 is green, the multiplication symbol is red, November is brown and September is yellow stuff like that. It is superrrrr interesting to read what some people have described theirs as, just if you guys were curious lol. ;)

    8 months ago
  • Rose A(hiatus)

    math is definitely blue, you got that right(in my opinion anyway). But... I think English is light green. or dark green. and 3 is a pretty good number. But 7 being a bad number! That's always been my favorite

    8 months ago
  • sci-Fi

    gotta agree with barleybear. Math is yellow and chem is blue. also bio is green (duh). But english is yes reddish orange.
    Are u kidding?? the number three is white!

    8 months ago
  • pyrrhic

    i agree with all of these except the first three. then again, i can get behind 3 being a pretty good number. buT MATH BEING BLUE AND ENGLISH BEING RED/ORANGE.... nahhhhhhh. english is just SO BLUE and math is SO RED. science is green, language is purple, and nothing else matters.

    8 months ago
  • barelybear

    I also have some of these connections and I completely agree with English, 3 being green and good and a is definitely even. But maths? Blue? No way. Maths is yellow because it’s there and it’s numbers. Chemistry is blue. <3

    8 months ago
  • Caleb Urlacher

    I never thought about this before lol. math is definitely blue... english though.. idk. i feel like english is a mix of colors

    8 months ago
  • psithurism

    ok... yes! So true.

    8 months ago
  • serein

    Why is every single one of these so true? I totally agree.

    8 months ago