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est. 26 Oct 2020

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Finally wrote a poem that I actually like! Thank you to Paisley Blue for the great advice on line breaks, and Anne Blackwood for the amazing poetry recommendations!

don't you dare love me

December 18, 2020


don't you dare love me. don't tell me
you love me more than your eyes love twinkling
and the stars love the dark. don't make me smile through my tears. don't 
watch the sunrise with me, when
the world is asleep and it's the singing sunbeams and I,
sitting in silence, knowing there's room
for one more, beside me, inside me. don't sing for me 
in your dulcet voice, of the dalliance that lasts, and the denouement that's love and how i am your darling,
cause darling, i'm not.
don't you dare dance with me, don't
you dare be the one to catch me when i fall, like
cobwebs catch dewdrops and your 
fingertips catch my tears. don't you catch me
watching you smile. don't you make me
blush and redden, not like a rose you say, but like
the pomegranate that stains persephone's lips. don't you
dare offer to read the ink that spills across my pages, when
no one ever does. don't you dare. don't you dare. don't you dare.
darling, don't you dare love me.

i'm scared i'll love you back.


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  • In Which Yaya Writes

    Oh my goshhhhhh, this is amazing! I love it so much! I know it’s weird that I’m reading a piece that’s so old but this one just caught my eye— and I’m glad it did! You did wonderful with this. Great job!

    6 months ago
  • AJ - Izzy

    I liked this a while ago but <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    9 months ago
  • Yellow Sweater

    Again you took my breath away. You really have an amazing command of language.

    9 months ago
  • Shay

    Just submitted a review. Look out for it.

    9 months ago
  • Shay

    This is so beautiful. There's something about it that gives me a song in my heart.

    Re:Thx for the review. I'll take your feedback into consideration for the second draft. And I'll notify you when it's posted. Again, thx for the great advice.

    9 months ago
  • Deleted User

    re: thank you!!!
    I love how you put that part about "falling in love with words" I don't think up till thien I had realized the is a beautiful thing

    9 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Re: Aw thanks!
    Lol I'm not entirely sure what it means either. It just is. Pshaw well thank you. And thank you for the shoutout too! I only just now noticed it. *facepalms*

    9 months ago
  • Zirong

    OMG this is so breathtakingly beautiful!!! My favourite lines are "knowing there's room for one more, beside me, inside me" and "not like a rose you say, but like the pomegranate that stains persephone's lips"!!! OMG I don't know what else to say!!! Looking forward to reading more from you!!! Also, thanks for your comments(wink~wink~). It's FANTASTIC to find an INTJ buddy haha since it is absolutely the rarest personality type :)

    9 months ago
  • BlueWolf (Semi Hiatus)

    WOAH!!! This is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love this piece!!!! It is spellbinding!!! I just can't...I'm speechless! It is so raw and vulnerable. I adore it!

    9 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    Dude omg i love this so much! "you love me more than your eyes love twinkling / and the stars love the dark" this line is just so poetic and lyrical... wow! "beside me, inside me. don't sing for me / in your dulcet voice" woah i just love the way this flows--this is awesome! "like / cobwebs catch dewdrops and your / fingertips catch my tears" ajkdfhaljsdfh this comparison is just ethereal, oh my goodness! and that ending is just so... so GOOD oh wow!!!
    awww the shoutout is so sweet! this is absolutely beautiful <3 i love your poetry so much! and these line breaks are amazing ;) hope you're doing well! love you, dear!!
    (also, yeah it's totally fine for you to call me Ella! :D)

    9 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Re: You're welcome!

    Okay this is so dang lovely and painful and soarful (yes I made up a word for this).

    P. S. You're not obligated to read my work lol.

    9 months ago