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I would love to hear any of your comments on my work! It makes me a better writer with every comment! :D

And please check out my IRL friend SamRose, And my big sis CookieCrumbles52! (They are really good writers!)

And thank you so much for 70+ followers! It means so much to me, I cant express my joy enough! :D Thank you! And have a wonderful rest of your day!

My bad poem (I hope you get a laugh out of this) :)

February 22, 2021


Write a poem using only questions. 

Why am I here sitting on this bench getting drenched in the rain, what am I trying to gain by writing this poem? Thinking of Owen, (who’s Owen?) and why am I watching a cat walk down the street thinking of a deep sleep (I could be in bed right now!). Why am I making a poem sitting on this bench thinking of Owen, (Again who’s Owen!)  Why are cookies so good? But what I really want to know is why are bookies are so good? (Bookies what are you talking about?! It rimes, I tell myself) Why am I doing this I’ve never been good at making poems. Why am I sitting here in bliss? Okaaay, I’ll stop trying to rhyme! Sorry!
I don’t even know what this is or why I even wrote it, but here you go? In my defense it was really late when I wrote this XD. The stuff I write isn’t usually this weird. Haha Have a good day! And I hope this gives you a laugh!


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  • Vista of Grace

    Haha this is beautiful! I think we think of peoples names who would have been our friends in other worlds. If you still want to read the story about a fate controlling 4 peoples lives, I posted the first 2 chapters called "A Few Stories Played by Fate, Chapter 1 and 2"

    1 day ago
  • Syzygy (#words) (J.A.M)


    1 day ago
  • SamRose

    I love it! Definitely made me laugh. XD

    1 day ago
  • Booklover12

    I love this, it definitely put a smile on my face!

    Re: Thank you so much! I will definitely look at some more of your work at some point soon!

    1 day ago
  • FastOceanLove

    Re: Thank you my dear friend, yeah I hope so too, it's not often, but I really hope I show everyone not to mess with me (I thought that was clear, but idiots like the guys in my cohort clearly aren't getting my message).

    1 day ago
  • kathryn siena

    ha. I love this. Owen is perfect.

    1 day ago