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This is a little blip of the sci fi piece I'm writing, I'm new to the genre and I'd like some feedback please, a review is the most ideal, thanks. :)

I love you but the world's just not right for 'us'

December 20, 2020


Pinks, yellows, and purples fill the sky, you know what that means. What? Taking cover from the prehistoric monsters that plague humanity? Pfft, no, that would make sense. I'm passing the group of neighborhood compsognathus to sit at my ex best friend/crush's door and talk to them even though they're probably out hunting or simply hiding from me or the dinosaurs, I'll never know. I screwed up a few years back, let's keep it at that for now.
"Heya Cas, I know you're probably not home right now, if you were, I don't blame you if you ran from the door the second you saw me waltzing over.", I chuckle dryly.
"Whether you're listening or not, I love you, in a, in a love, love way, Cas. I know I screwed up and I'm sorry. I am so sorry for what I've done Cas, I've sat by your door every sunset for years, that should show how sorry I am and how much I need you, Cas I wish I could say I'd be fine if you never saw me again, I'd be a liar, Cas. I want you. I want you to not, to not, hate me..." The door opens, their hands rest on my back so I don't fall inside, I stand and look into their dark brown eyes, their hair got longer but it's the same light, wavy brown I remember. They're definitely paler than the last time I saw them, I swallow the image of the last way I saw them and drink up their features. I look down and my hands are in theirs.
"Janie.", they say looking straight into my eyes.
"Cas?", I ask afraid of what  they're going to say next, please let it be something nice, for me Cas, ideally I'd like it to be 'I love you, too, Janie' but that's a lot to ask.
"Janie, you need to go home." I nod, disappointed, an understatement.
"But know, Janie, I forgive you and that's not why I've been avoiding you....", there's other reasons? Fantastic. I nod again,
"It's alright Cas, if you're not ready, you don't have to-", they sigh.
"Come in, I have lots to tell you, I'll drive you home-"
"No, no I wouldn't-", they sigh with a little chuckle, gesturing me in, I look around, the compsognathus  still around, screaming for no reason like always. I step in and follow Cas to the kitchen.
"Still like apple cider, Jane?"
"Cas, you should keep your rations to yourself-"
"I hate the stuff, please, take them all.", they laugh tossing boxes of the stuff onto the table.
"I stocked up just for you.", their smile fades a little, grabbing a mug, filling it with water, and putting it into the microwave. The water comes out steaming.
"Is it hot enough, Jane?", I put my finger in it.
"Yea, thanks.", they remembered I'm a temperature snob when it comes to drinks.
"Alright, Janie, I don't even know where to start with this one..."
"From the beginning."
"I mean every story's got a beginning, huh?", I take a sip of my cider and it's good, I forgot how good cider was, wow.
"Alright so, until recently, Janie, it hurt to think about you. Every time I did I would get upset and be all weird  and the reason for that is that I love you....", they didn't say that with much emotion, or any for that matter.
"That's great, Cas-"
"It's not, we can't..."
"Have an emotional tie that strong. I love you, I always have, I probably always will, but I can't, I don't want to ...", Ouch, not what I wanted to hear but okay.
"Don't take it personally Janie, this has nothing to do with you or what happened all those years ago. Well, in a way yes, I lost my family that day and I put zero blame on you. Look at me.", Their hands are over mine and tears stream down my face as I look at them. Their face is so genuine and soft...
"This is not your fault, okay? I love you and the reason I don't want to is because the world we live in, not you, do you understand that? If we lived in a safe place, I would say, yes, go ahead, let's date, do whatever people in love do, but I cannot lose another person I love, we can't put labels on us, we can't be as close as we were, Janie....", that hurt the most, that, that hurt me, they don't even want to be friends....
"We can be friends, slowly, over time but we can't jump into anything, okay?", I nod, using one of my hands to wipe away tears, the other still holding on to Cas.
"Will you work with me, please? At least?"
"Of course.", I smile a bit thinking about having a third partner in mapping and egg destroying, it'd be more fun and safer for Genie, Lars, and I to have an even amount of people to split up into. They let go of my hand and sip on their drink.
"It's getting dark, you better finish your drink so we can get going.", my drink's significantly cooler but still delicious, we finish our mugs in silence and I take a box of apple cider with me, leaving the rest so I have an  excuse to come back here. A herd of triceratops mows by followed by a family of brachiosaurus, creating more cracks in the ground than we can count, showing the piping underneath. I get into the passenger seat and we exit the garage being greeted with ostrich-like dinos I haven't seen before.
"That's new.", I comment, rolling up my window calmly.
"Yea, they like to run around and be jerks.", they smile as the dinos pass by.
"There is literally nothing to run from....", the ground starts to shake, Cas, mumbling under their breath, stomping on the gas.
"Guess there is something, this time.", we can't see it yet but we can hear it and feel it barreling down on us. Thank God, I don't live too far, my house comes to view. The sickeningly familiar roar pierces our ears, it bashes into the truck, causing it to roll on its side. We crawl out of the broken truck and I push Castor in front of me where we scramble up the iron spiked fence, the door flies open and Cas and I fall inside, on top of each other laughing at the frustrated stomping away of the t-rex.
"You two, you two, are soooooo lucky.", Genie says out of breath, Cas and I just untangle ourselves, laughing at my flustered little sister.


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