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Hi! I'm Rose
rosy cheeks
Flowers of Fall

Hamilton Fan
anime watcher
music lover
obsessed with books
theatre kid
kind of decent writer(?)
indecisive person
a little weird ngl

est... um... September 2020??

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Friends of Mine

December 16, 2020


The meadows rich plains
And beautiful landscapes
Are enough to get lost in
That is what I do

I lay in the long grass
Allowing it to kiss my cheeks
It blows gently in the wind
I sway side to side with it
The grasses have always been friends of mine

The sun's beauteous rays reach down to touch me
I reach for it too
My fingers close to
But not quite grasping
The fickle twinkle of the moon's companion
The sun has always been a friend of mine

When the sun has tired of this endless game of tag
She retires for the day and rests under hills of greenery

Then the moon comes out
He is more shy than his counterpart
But he's also very generous
The moon allows the sun to shine through him
He also doesn't talk very much
He simply smiles radiantly as I smile back
but the moon has always been a friend of mine
here's some sappy poetry. Not my best, but I don't think it's horrible. What do you think?
Also, any title suggestions or ways to improve this?
*UPDATE* This has been updated after a wonderful peer review done by avievasive
Thank you so much!


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