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a monologue from the sirens in the odyssey

December 15, 2020


We sing our songs, for years upon years we have continued to lure those unsuspecting creatures into our clutches, and thus, their demise. The men of this world are truly disgusting animals, the women, still affected, are not quite so idiodic as to venture within our reaches. But those men of the earth, those who would leave their wives, their children, who kill others of their own for sport, they are the ones who suffer. Until this day. I will grant the gods this, he is not the most disgusting that has come within our reach, but he is quite far from the best, and yet, for some intolerable reason our own god of the sea has granted him protection. Our beauty is meant to make those who would cause suffering and pain to those who did not justly deserve it, and yet those who are meant to be the law of all good in this universe have stopped us for doing that. I will not deny that we are the most alluring creatures on these seas, our voices as ever continue to draw in the unsuspecting sailors. Yes, we take sport in their deaths as they were killed by the thing they lusted the most after in this world, but the reason is given clear and simple there. If no man can learn to keep his pants closed, then why should he be left on this earth to torment those who do not wish him? I defies all laws of reason and sense. These men, abandoning their children until the day when they are deemed useful is truly disgusting, a father should be there for his child at all times, through the good and the bad, not just at those specific points where it is useful to his “legacy” and “bloodline”. Now, once more I will not attempt to deny such facts as to be laid before any and all who encounter us. We all would just as willingly feast on the souls of those babes left behind to wait, but more often than not they are not the ones coming into our clutches, and we too as sentient beings must feed in the only way possible to us. Just as the rabbit eats the living grass, and in turn the fox eats the rabbit, we too must continue, albeit vicious, our place in the pattern of life. For this we cannot be blamed, for who accuses the man who kills the fox? Who puts the grass on trial for bringing life to the bodies of the dead? It is simply the cycle of life as it is. We cause the human monsters of this world to suffer, both to better the rest of this earth but also to ensure our own state of life, and how can we be in the wrong for that?


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  • December 15, 2020 - 3:04pm (Now Viewing)

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  • crystalline•galaxies

    as someone who is obsessed with all things dealing with greek mythology, the title of this piece caught my attention easily when it appeared through a like on the dashboard. this is a fantastically crafted piece of art, and i could just feel the need to read it out loud coursing through me. the ending part with all of the questions was probably my favorite. i'm so very glad i found this!

    3 months ago
  • AliMuscles04

    This is so cool!

    5 months ago