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Hi guys! I am doing a horror series called "In the Meadow". It will have 3 parts. Comment "Yes!" if you want me to notify you when another part comes out. Thanks!

In the Meadow - Part 1

January 8, 2021


    I shudder in the wind walking toward Zizzy's house. So much for Girl Scouts. By the time I'm over there, my hands are practically frozen. Zizzy's mom opens the door and ushers me to go inside. I set my bag down and walk to the warm fireplace. "I'm almost ready!", Zizzy calls out of her room. She flies down the stairs, with her long black hair trailing behind her. "Got the cookies?" she asks. "Their by the doorway. I almost got hypothermia just walking to your house." I laugh. Her mom chuckles as she tells us she can drive us to the places we need to ask for donations. We politely say no and get outside. "Are you sure you don't want to go in your mom's car? It's so cold!" I tell her. "Nah. My mom is the world's slowest driver. It would take a day to go to all the houses." I groan and say "Fine. You are carrying the bag to half the houses, ok?" I ask or rather tell Zizzy while she puts on her mittens. "Sure, she says while rolling her eyes, It really is cold outside. I can't believe Mrs. Hermandaz would even think about assigning us to get donations in this cold." We reach our first potential customer and knock on their door. "Let's hope we sell 2 boxes!" Zizzy says. "Yeah. I hope." We wait around for someone to open the door and after a couple of minutes, we decide their not home. Just as we turn our backs, we hear a creaking sound and instantly turn around. "Hi k-kiddoes. Ar-are you s-selling g-girl scout c-cookies?". Yes! We turn around and see a small plump old lady. My eyes turn big like saucers looking at the $50 in her hand.
    We sell all 20 boxes except 5 of them and go to our last house. As we walk on the path to the house, I feel like I'm being watched. I look around, but don't see anyone except of Zizzy. "Hey, do you feel like we're getting watched?" I ask her. "Halloween was 3 months ago!" she says. Now I roll my eyes and run toward the door. Before I fully raise my fist to knock, the door creepily creaks wide open. Zizzy hurries by my side and looks inside the house. "Anybody here?" we say at the same time. We both laugh, but cut short by a whisper we barely make out. "Help.."  "Uh, Zizzy let's go now. I'm kinda freaking out right now," I whisper to her. "But we need to help that person! What if their choking or something?!" she very loudly whispers. I start tugging her arm, but she steps inside the house. "What the heck are you doing! LET'S GET OUT! OMG", I yell to her. She was always the courageous one, but she clearly had lost her mind. "Please. I need help. I won’t harm you.." the voice is louder this time and I think I can say that it was a small girl. "See? What can that person possibly do? I think she is a small girl. Come on now!" Zizzy tells me. I put down my bag and follow her inside.


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  • anonymous_123 [Child of God]

    Re: as I thought must people would see it’s called the Bible Challenge because it is about the Christians beliefs. In that piece though I didn’t want to keep using the word God so I kept using creator or high power which yes describes all religions gods or heir beliefs of their god. But for me I was really talking about my God but in the piece made it more like others too. Does this clear it up? It’s kind of confusing I guess

    5 months ago
  • ~rain~

    will there be more?! this is great so far!!!

    5 months ago
  • cloudi


    5 months ago