Jazmine Alexus

United States

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May 6, 2015

PROMPT: Subtotals


Number of times I have wanted to cry: 2,134. Time's I have: 566. Number of times I have had my heartbroke: 4. Been in love, real love: 1. Times I have been left behind: 12. Times I left someone behind: 23. Times I have messed up: 3,675. Scraped my knee: 18. Broke a bone: 2. Laughed: 5,067. Genuinely: 4,678. Told a lie: 458. To keep someone from getting hurt,upset,or caught: 400. Rode a ferris wheel: 0. Went to an amusement park: 24. Thought about something and never spoke about it: 6,945. Spoke my mind: 4,965. Offended someone doing so: 2,767. Threatened someone: 4. Acted upon the threat: 2. Obsessed over a book: 11. Cried when I watched the movie: 10. Did something and regreted it in the morning: 4. Made someone smile: 6,045. Someone made me smile: 5,934. Prayed for a materialistic thing: 5. Prayed: 90. Lost someone to suicide: 2. Lost someone to drug overdose: 4. Lost someone to drinking and driving: 1. Lost someone to cancer: 1. Burried an animal: 12. Cried while doing so: 4. Wished upon a star: 4,606,677,456. The wish came true: 0. 


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