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Chapter Three of beth r.'s chain story

December 15, 2020


    "Charlotte Browning?" A young, strikingly dressed protégé detective attempted to rouse the seemingly disrupted Ms. Browning. 
    The woman in question did not answer, but yet stayed in a daze. Her eyes fixed on the priceless china teacup, its sinister fruitiness ebbed dangerously to the side, in danger of spilling. 
    "Charlotte!"  Barton exclaimed  (finally fed up with her random silence), cutting the air with his booming and worried voice.                    
    Charlotte quickly snapped out of her floating thoughts. With a sort of saucy twinkle in her eye that only Alice would be able to detect, she sat straight up and brushed her not-so-tidy skirts off, best to her abilities (which were far beyond these amateurs comprehension). Suddenly wiping a not so disheveled tear from her perfectly masked face, she sniffled daintily. "I'm so sorry, detectives, but I feel as if I must take some time to ease my consciousness. If you would--" she looked straight at the young, naive man, setting her perfectly steady hand on his knee--"If you would check on my dear friend Alice. She's been through so much already this grey and discombobulating night--It would assure me so much if you would see how she is faring." She nodded at the both of them--they would obey her every need, if she  acting worked well enough. 
    The two men closed the door to her late mother's elaborate bedroom, leaving her to stare at the unfamiliar walls. Counting to twenty, she turned around as a tapping at the glass window occurred. Smiling, she ran to it hurriedly. 
    No matter what her stepfather said, putting easily opening windows was one of the best choices her and her mother ever made. That, and the secret passages.
She was nearly bouncing on her heels when her old schoolmate Edward hopped inside her French doors--quite ungracefully, at that. He brushed some twigs off his breeches and smiled goofily at her. 
    "Great to see you, Char. I haven't seen you since that prick of a--" 
    "Did you bring the clothes?" Charlotte seemed to be ready to jump right in, not the slightest bit concerned about the body sitting in her sitting room half a mile away. 
    Handing the dull and dusty brown boy's clothes to his old playmate, Edward pulled a bit of greenery from his dark and fluffy head. "Are you sure about this, mate? I mean you did just have a bloke kick it in your--" 
    "Perfectly ready, Ed. Now are you going to help me with this cage of a dress?" 

    A carriage ride, a small walk and a hop skip away, the two joined forces with Alice, sitting quite pale looking on her French couch.
    ​Everything was quite French, wasn't it?  
    Alice, still pale from her rough night, lay down on her couch. "Oh, dear. I don't know if I can do this tonight." 
    Charlotte was adamant. "We must. Even if you don't, dear." She stood up, her hands dangling like two ropes in no direction. "So, what do we know at this point?" 
   "Besides that you pull off boy's clothes awfully well?" 
    "Nonsense. What do we know about all of our so called 'victims'?" 
    Ed snorted. "Well besides they were all devilishly handsome,"
    Alice sighed, exasperated. "Please, Mr. Cork, try to contain yourself." 
    Ed looked hurt. "I was going to say, that they were all part of one of the biggest and shiftiest gentleman's underground society in the hist'ry of London. To add to that, they were the leaders of each of the branches all along this side of Europe. Southampton, Bradford, Coventry and an off the map location in Norway." 
    "But although it's such a well known society, they have yet to be warranted to be searched. Why, you might ask? because," he stated proudly, "The front for it is such a good front--who would have the slightest idea to investigate an underground pub?" 
Charlotte seemed ecstatic. "Oh, this couldn't be better." She gazed outside at the stormy, weather beaten world surrounding her. To anyone else, it would have felt trapping--an unstoppable force caging them inside on a perfectly wasted day. But no, Charlotte was not inflicted by this; she was a storm spirit herself, and the raging weather outside freed her from the caging society of life. 
    "Aright then. I'm headed off. The blokes in my game will be wondering where I've got off to." Ed looked at Alice, who nodded and continued to look dissatisfied. But their friend was in her own world, now. 
    Ed walked out, and Alice took one more look at Charlotte and headed downstairs to make a pot of tea. 
    Charlotte's eyes blazed with the fire of the storm. Her thoughts traveled back to her as a little girl, when she and her late father would sit by the fire while he read out of his collection of ​Sherlock Holmes. 
    She smiled. Her fathers hat would never fain to make an appearance in one these escapades. Fingering her soft hair, she whispered under her breath. 
"Yes indeed," she muttered with a clap of thunder, "the game is on." 


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hope y'all have a good season^^


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  • Stone of Jade

    ooh i LOVE THIS!!! really nice job!! love the sherlock holmes references

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    I must also quietly brood about whether I'm more on board with Chardward or Charlice now...

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  • Future Pseudonym

    *le gasp* it's up! It's out! Is she sneaking off to a club? Dis is gonna be good

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    YESS! Lindy!! This is amazing! This story's getting goooodddddddddd.
    I'm pumped for this. Maybe I should try and write a chapter...

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    Re: Linddyyyyyyy why do you keep making me feel so emotional, lol. Thank you so so much. Your words really mean so much to me. Yes, we will definitely stay in touch! And one day, we will meet in person (it’s going to happen, God willing)!!!!!!! I am so thankful for you, Mellon! You have a beautiful spirit that truly shines with creativity and a sense of sincerity. Keep being yourself! Thank you for being so sweet . <33333

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  • Sunflower~

    This chapter is amazing! I am sooooo excited to write the next chapterrrr! Also, the sherlock reference is beautiful ;)

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  • beth r.

    i also love the sherlock reference, English phrases peppered throughout, and the clarification of charlottes mother. i guess since she died, that's why charlotte's so close to her late brother. one question: After the murders in chapter two, charlotte went home? and detective barton escorted her?

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  • beth r.

    AAAAAAAAAh ok.
    secret society? cvriyiufc um YES
    "she was a storm spirit herself, and the raging weather outside freed her from the caging society of life." ahhhhh beautifully put and so true!
    omg amazing!!!

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    re: AYYYYYYYYYY!! xP sorry my brain is malfunctioning lol

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    This is great!! I love how you've developed the character of Charlotte. Sorry, I'm probably missing something you wrote, but who were the people murdered at Charlotte and Alice's houses that were mentioned at the end of chapter 2?
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  • Busssy.Beee

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