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Sorry that I went a little over the word count max, but hopefully fifty or so words won't kill anyone. Some other notes:

1. This is a continuation of the Beth R chain novel, as the name of this chapter implies. If you haven't read the first part, go ahead and do so at https://writetheworld.com/groups/1/shared/208324/version/429335
This is also where you can sign up to write a chapter, if you'd like. It's not too late-- we still need volunteers for chapters six, seven, and beyond! (Minus 8, that's taken.)

2. The list of current participants is in the footnote. Lindy, you're writing the next one-- you challenged my ability to compromise your plotting, so to that I say, murder for you! Can't wait to see what you come up with >:)

3. I know that I've probably just created a barrage of Alice x Charlotte shippers, which is probably emphasized by the marriage conversation in Beth's chapter... idk man, it's out of my hands now, lmao.

4. Happy Holidays, Pseudostans and other friends <3

5. Oh, and sorry about the bad pacing-- again, ran out of allotted words, haha.

Chapter Two of Beth R's Chain Story by Your's Truly

December 14, 2020


"Charlotte Browning, in the flesh."

     Blood cracked over the nightening sky like an egg over a warm platter. As the horizon was red, so too were the carpeted floors of the Chinning residence, the parlour entirely blocked off with just the windows available to reveal the scene of the tragedy. Darkness scrolled over the town; there was murder in the air.
     Charlotte, for one, was excited.
     Rain still beat down on the city, the pavement littered with drips. Policemen were scattered about, trying to stay dry without going inside and tainting the face of the crime scene. It was here that a dull, yet familiar voice greeted Charlotte and Alice, one that sparked twin flames of rage and relief in the women. Detective Barten walked up to them then, and from what Charlotte could gather, he hadn't changed a bit.
     "Not that it isn't wonderful to see you here, dear," he was saying to her in a rush, "but, ehm, what are you doing here? There was a killin' here, you know, and a killin', I always say, a killing' is a place only for the professionals! Hmm, well, not that we professionals have made much progress, no sir, but we know what we see, we do. Ehm, the body is just lying there on the floor, yessir, no sign of a struggle, not one at all, but there's blood on the ground, although we can't find a stab wound, if you can believe, madame. Ehm, what was I sayin' again? Oh, right, yes madame, what brings you here on this evening?"
     Alice had had an entirely different mindset walking up to the front doorstep, and every word he said only made her face paler than the lace on her dress. Pulling Charlotte into her for a moment, she whispered, "This is no place for any well-minded person, Charlotte, much less women of our stature. Don't you think we ought to--"
     "Shhh, Alice!" Charlotte hissed, carefully organizing his monologue in her head. "Let the man speak!"
     "Detective!" Charlotte took a step forward, standing on her toes to try and see through the window of the flat. "A mur-- a killing, you say? You're taking on another one so soon?" The rain poured down her cheeks, cooling Charlotte's skin, although, in spite of her affection for thunderstorms, not her temper. If heat was anger, she could have been steaming; was her brother such a lost cause that he was already moving on to new cases?
     "I have to," he replied as if in answer to her thoughts, glancing at the mass of citizens and authorities alike gathered at the flat. "This is the second killin' this week; seems we, the police and I, we have somethin' serial on our hands."
     Charlotte and Alice exchanged glances as quickly as the flashing lightning. Something unsaid passed between them, like an oath. Ghost-faced as she was, Alice wasn't going anywhere.
     "Uh, Detective," Charlotte intoned, surreptitiously gesturing for Alice to come closer, "it's really starting to come down, isn't it? And a dress isn't meant for the rain, even if I am. Do you suppose we ought to head inside?"
     Barten fidgeted with the cuffs of his uniform. "Well, Miss Browning, madame, I'd love to, I would, but it's off-limits, see, n'---"
     "Not where it happened, necessarily, just somewhere where we could stay dry," Alice put in hesitantly. Charlotte noted the slight tremble in her hands; in a moment of pride for her friend's risk-taking, she reached out to link their arms. 
     The detective cleared his throat and shuffled his feet around for a few seconds, glancing on and off at the building as if an angel was going to appear out of the sky to say, Sure you bloke, do what you want. The real angel was peer pressure all along, though, because soon enough, he conceded, "Alright, dears, alright, maybe you ought to dry off after all. Just in the hallway, though, just there, no further, agreed?"

     Of course they agreed verbally, but as the old saying goes, 'Easier said than done.'
     The moment Barten was out of their sight, Charlotte slunk around the corner, leaving Alice to gasp before wondering what she really expected. Following behind her friend, she muttered, "This is a bloody disaster."
     "Well, it's a disaster, but it isn't that bloody." She peered through a doorway--- that was where the cops truly made their den. Charlotte could hardly see the body itself through all the bustle surrounding the parlor, but one thing she could see was the side of his head. 
     "Alice, you see him, don't you?"
     Alice flattened herself against the wall and squeezed her eyes shut. "For a moment, yes. Still handsome company, even in death." She swallowed. "Although, that last part is a deal-breaker."
     "And the chronic adultery wasn't?" Charlotte shook her head, fingers inching along the doorframe. "But that's beside the point. Look, Alice--- there's no trace of blood on his face, the only place it could have come from if there's no wound. So how did the blood on the ground get there?"
     Charlotte turned from the parlor door and started back down the hall. Alice didn't hesitate to follow her this time; it was all she could do to suppress her gag reflex as Charlotte began spiraling.
     "Obviously, the blood wasn't his--- he was probably poisoned. Did you see a drink in there? Tea, perhaps a coffee?"
     "Um--- hurk--- no?"
     "It must have happened earlier, early enough that it took its time to kill him. But the killer's blood was in that room--- curiouser and curiouser. Was he stupid enough to follow Chinning home?"
     "Or she," Alice mentioned quietly.
     "Chinning had a lot of lovers," she reminded her. "One of them might not have liked that."
     "Emma Kidd was the one who came and warned us--- you think she's playing victim?"
     Alice didn't get an opportunity to answer that question, because at that moment, there was an uproar outside.
     "Men! Call for back-up!" an officer barked as Charlotte and Alice burst out into the rain. "Two more murders were just reported! I need volunteers to head to each location!"
     Charlotte and Alice felt their blood run cold when the officer sent a team to each of their houses.  
The List of Participants:
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8 -- izzywidgeons (aka fuzzypidgeon)
More chapters to come?

Also I kept that continuity of having the first line of each chapter be the dialogue of "Charlotte Browning, so and so," so that's my challenge to you-- keep it up ;)


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