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i've had my heart broken many times, but nothing can compare to this

her blood runs gold

March 14, 2021


dearest aphrodite,

from what will you ever pain from,
like i have?
you play your romantic games with
the mortals,
only not to care when we suffer.
broken bones and broken hearts,
are nothing
quiet tears and wet pages,

is this what you intended?
to face a mortal-
a heartbroken, suffering
mortal stained with
your gold.
your life fluid.
your blood.

your little romantic games
have vast effect
on people like us.
we're fragile at our
very core.
heartbreak overwhelms us.
grief drives us insane.
fear can twist itself into searing anger.
but in a way,
we are strong.
and vengeful,
until our very last breath.

i may be a human,
but i stand with
on my hands,
on my blade.
i will watch
as a river of gold
flows out of you,
then perhaps you will know
the true phenomenon
of pain.


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  • nolongeractive

    Re: Thank you so much!

    about 2 months ago
  • Charisse Marison

    A-ma-zing. Absolutely amazing!

    2 months ago
  • Draco Malfoy

    Love this piece so much! Just so you know I am a gryffindor:)

    2 months ago
  • Zirong

    re: I do Chinese song covers on bilibili and English song covers on Instagram and YouTube(not quite frequently though) :) wow I kinda miss the sight of snow since it's summer all year round in Singapore XD yea tennis is super fun and hopefully you can be back to courts soon :D And I just noticed you are in Ravenclaw! I'm in Ravendor(got a mixed House somehow) but that's close enough haha! Looking forward to knowing more about you :3 *hug*

    3 months ago
  • Zirong

    “broken bones and broken hearts,/are nothing/but/quiet tears and wet pages,/suppressed/smothered/hidden.”

    “a heartbroken, suffering/mortal stained with
    gold,/your gold./your life fluid./your blood.”

    Wow. This piece is really marvelous! Greek mythology is just so enchanting, isn’t it? :)

    re: thank u so much for your sweet words! They really made my day :D

    3 months ago
  • Coolgirl2020 (LOVE YA ALL)

    Hello! How are you?
    I'm coming back to WtW, so I'd love to review three or more of your pieces! Will you let me know which ones you'd like reviewed? Thanks! <3

    3 months ago
  • FantasyOtter12

    Re: fries i think. u?

    3 months ago
  • crystalline•galaxies

    i saw “aphrodite” and immediately clicked. i’m so glad i did, too — this piece is absolutely brilliant.

    3 months ago
  • useless :)

    this is absolutely stunning. i'm speechless...
    "i will watch
    as a river of gold
    flows out of you,
    then perhaps you will know
    the true phenomenon
    of pain."
    this ending is so beautiful and perfect for the poem, wow
    on another note, abt ur message box, wHaT iS sNoW
    but seriously, snow is nonexistent where i live lol

    3 months ago
  • Madelyn (Carolina Girl)

    I love this piece! I wrote some new poems you might just love :)

    4 months ago
  • Nikki

    Holy shit! i am speechless, just speechless.
    am i dead to have found SUCH A BRILLIANT piece?

    5 months ago
  • Madelyn (Carolina Girl)

    This is so beautiful. Just wow

    5 months ago