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ayyyyy macarena

all the things id hope for in you

December 13, 2020


When I can't sleep
or when I have a free moment
my first thoughts
are of you

sure, i dont know you yet
but i know i will someday
i don't know what you'll look like
short or tall
or maybe average height
long hair or short hair
or maybe you'll have a shaved head
hell, i don't even know if you'll be
a boy or a girl
im still trying to figure that part out

im hoping for longish hair
dimples in your cheeks or your chin
im hoping for a smile like a ray of sun
and eyes like sparkling diamonds
but i don't really care about that

im hoping for a wild side
and an adventurous one
but im also hoping you'll be serious sometimes
because i have a lot to say
im hoping you'll be down to have teenage foster kids
and make them feel loved when they may not have
im hoping you'll be down to get slushies at 3am
because im kind of impulsive

mostly im hoping that you'll be willing to work things out
because i don't want to ever have to give up on us

there are some things i know
i know that my sleep issues will be gone
because how could i be uncomfortable
with you next to me?
i know that you'll be different than me
but it'll be perfect because our world
would be so boring if everyone was the same.
i know we'll argue
like all couples do
but i also know we'll make up
because we'll probably both want love too much to
let it slip through our fingers

i hope i meet you soon
whether you're like my hopes or not
because if God has it in his plan...
how could it be wrong?

I hope I find you soon. 
All my love, dee
ive posted one like this before, called 'dear soulmate' (it was my first piece btw) but i saw Kiwibird do this and wanted to try it. enjoy!


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  • psithurism

    PS i would like to join the simp club

    9 months ago
  • psithurism

    ooh cute!

    9 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    Re: awwwww thank you for the support dear :) it means a lot to me. It was... different than I expected. But not bad. I'm a little nervous about my dad, but not as much as I was before telling my mom :)
    Hahaaa simp buddies :D

    9 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    awwwwww youre such a simp, but that's okay bc i am too lol XD love this so so so much!!! i want this too... <3 hope you find them, someday! :)

    9 months ago
  • Starlitskies

    Awwww! This is so sweet! I hope you find them soon! <3

    9 months ago