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I would really like *Helpful* peer review on this one, because I've been (Finally) blessed with a story outline.

Thank you V-Rose for exposing me to this amazing prompt!

She didn't bother. (Novel in making? I don't know....)

December 14, 2020


The shackles grazed against her wrists as she changed position in an attempt to get comfortable. She was innocent. And once she got them to believe her, she would be free. Free of this room, free of feeling like a bird in a cage.

She was innocent.

She had never expected them to doubt her. They've known her since she was just an intern. And, now they believed she was a criminal? Her best-- no supposed best friend had thrown a vase at her.

She blew on the half dry blood on her forehead, from the cut she had got when the vase was thrown at her.

She was innocent.

Her boss, who she used to have coffee with after work, looked at her as if she had no place to be here. 

Her assistant, who practically worshipped the ground she walked on, was now walking on her toes whenever she came into the jailhouse. 

She was innocent.

She'd been in this cell just yesterday, bringing out that guy who had crashed his bike after drunk driving. She wasn't supposed to be on this side of the bars. She was supposed to be on the other side, inspecting the jailhouse. Not being inspected.

It wasn't her fault. She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

She was innocent.

But no one seemed to believe her. No one believed she didn't murder her own sister.

She was innocent.

She snorted at the irony. They were supposed to be reliant on each other. They were supposed to trust each other.

Someone walked in. She didn't bother to look up. No one would believe her anyways.


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  • BlueWolf (Semi Hiatus)

    I am intrigued!!!! :) I would love to be notified if you publish a new chapter!!!! I miiiggggghhhhtt try to review this. (I am not a great reviewer and have a few to complete first but I might try to attempt it.) This is a really awesome piece with an interesting angle. I want to know what happened and I am excited to know more!!!!

    5 months ago