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December 12, 2020


i am both the rock and the hard place 
                            meant to be chewed and not swallowed 
spat out rather then ingested 
                           i am both the calm and the storm 
the lighthouse and the rocks 
                           both the domino and the marble 
the carpenter and the walrus 

                                          i remind myself of a loading screen 
                                          a snowball of sadness 
                                          i am the consumed and the consumer 
both the net and the fish 
both the black light and the LED 
             I am the dull end of the pen and the sharp end of the sword 
idk man 


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  • mirkat

    oooh love this idea! the last line is my favorite i think. okay, probably not the intention, but this line made me crack up: "the carpenter and the walrus " thank you for that! and i think for me, in the style of this poem, i'm both the cause and the effect... <3<3<3

    5 months ago