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I'm a Sophomore at Grandville High School and I've seen a lot of life in the short one I've had. I'm a vegan and major tea drinker. I love art and long boarding. One day I will travel the world.

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Constructive criticism is welcomed and sought after. I love to hear others tragedies and triumphs and the journey they took.

Happily Ever After

May 12, 2014



We live in a world of deceit and misfortune; my life is built on lies, manipulation, and broken hearts. My father is a convicted felon. My mother is lonely, broken soul. All my life I have wished for one of those families you see on television: you know the kind. When I'm watching my favorite shows I see families who laugh and cry together, parents who said their vows and meant it. "... to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part." Alas, my parents were split up by the bang of a gavel and bars in between. My dad went to federal prison when I was four with a ten year sentence. My mother signed off the divorce when I was seven. I started therapy the next week, it didn't last long. In 8th grade I cut myself, a lot. I started therapy again and this time they put me on drugs and made me take tests. I pretended I was happy and I hid my cuts; they released me from therapy. In April of 8th grade my twin sister went to Pine Rest for a month. It was the first time I had been away from her for more then 1 night and it was hell. I started smoking. I smoked weed with the stoners at my school. I stole cigarettes from my grandma. I overdosed on pills I found in my house and took prescription medication kids at school gave me. I constantly felt the need to do something wrong. My sister was so messed up no one paid attention to me. I'm fifteen now and a freshman in highschool. I still smoke. My father has been released from prison. My family can't stand me. The truth is, fairy tales are just, well, fairy tales.


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