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part five!!

The format for this story focuses on telling the tale through flashbacks. If it gets confusing please let me know so I can revise the story so it is more clear.

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated!! Thank you all so much for your support <3

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On the High Seas | 5

December 10, 2020


Ladell found Tallis looking at a map in her cabin. “Did you sleep?” she asked.
    Tallis turned and smiled when he saw who was in the doorway. “You sound like a mother hen,” he teased.
    “After being up all last night you needed to rest. It’s almost dinner. Corrin, my cabin-boy and the ship's cook, is bringing some food here so we can talk.” Ladell walked over to the table and rolled up the map.
    “So, Golden Eye,” Tallis said. “Where are you headed?” 
    “Wherever the wind blows,” Ladell said. “With occasional stops for supplies.”
    “So it was luck that brought you to Parconna Islands to help a dashing hero escape from the enemy.”
    “Hero?” Ladell laughed. “Oh, please--not even close. But yes, it was a real surprise meeting you there. What have you been doing these past six years?”
    “Eh, this and that,” Tallis bluffed. “How’d you get to be captain of the Manta? When I last saw you, you were a part of a crew heading east,” he said, changing the subject. 

    As they ate, the two friends talked. They talked well into the night, having a lot to catch up on since they split ways. When they finally went to bed, Tallis began to process what he had just done. He didn’t deny that he acted foolishly. Ladell had given him a way out, but he hadn’t taken it. Now they might both have to pay the consequences of crossing Captain Colborne for a second time. 
    Ladell also was haunted by the day’s events. She knew she had risked a lot by helping Tallis. She couldn’t afford to get on Captain Colborne’s radar again. She knew the first time, they were lucky to escape. Her second escape from the captain was a miracle. Ladell knew she wouldn’t be so lucky a third time. The captain was not a man that let things go easily.
    Tallis and Ladell had been working for Thornely for two years. He paid them handsomely to do his work. But one day proved too much. Thornely had given them a job--to steal from a man named Boothe Colborne. Boothe Colborne was a captain of a fleet of merchant ships which travelled and traded all over the Posocia Seas, and beyond. He prided himself of ridding the seas of pirates, yet in the process, became nothing less than a pirate himself. He sank any ship that attacked them, killed any thief that attempted to steal his goods. Boothe Colborne was more than just a dangerous man--he was a vicious pirate overrun by his corrupted moral to purge the sea. 
    Thornley had promised this would be the last job. Then they could go. Tallis and Ladell had almost saved enough money to book passage on a ship heading East, but were missing the last few notes. They had paid for their tickets in advance, promising the captain the rest of the money by the night they sailed. That same afternoon, the duo made their way to Boothe Colbornes estate, known in town as Mayborne Manor.
    Thornley had told them Boothe Colborne was out of town for the month and the manor was empty, save for two of his men who were guarding the estate. This had to be a quiet job, so it was only Tallis and Ladell for the job. Thornley's men stayed back.
    The pair decided to start late in the afternoon. Ladell, who had scouted out the manor beforehand, led Tallis along the coast of the island to the back gardens of the manor. Even though Mayborne was not Captain Colborne’s primary estate, it was still a grand one. White stone terraces were platforms to many life-size statues of mermaids, whales, and other sea-dwelling creatures, both real and mythical. Fountains of clear water were surrounded by gardens of Coral Flowers and Coast Brush. 
    As the afternoon sun began its descent, Tallis and Ladell crept along the edge of the house. They crouched below one of the balconies that faced the sea. 
    “I see one man down towards that way,” Tallis pointed. “He just disappeared behind that tree.”
    “Do you see the other?” Ladell asked.
    “Not yet...I assume he’s by the front of the manor.”
    “We gotta do this fast,” Ladell said, rising to her feet. “Help me up.”
    Tallis extended his arms and Ladell placed her boot into his interlocked fingers. On a whispered count of three, Tallis gave Ladell a boost as she simultaneously jumped for the balcony railing. Ladell hurdled over the railing without difficulty.     A second later, Tallis was next to her. Stalking over to the glass-paned doors, Tallis studied the locks. Ladell kept an eye on the first watchman.
    “He’s turning towards a path,” she whispered. “He’ll probably come back this way next. How’s the lock coming?”
    “Almost…” Tallis jiggled his lockpicks and the door clicked open. “Got it!” he whispered excitedly. 
    The pair made their way inside. Ladell gasped as she took in the vast richness of the manor. Deep blue carpets lined the floors, reminding Ladell of the sea when it was calm. Golden treasures lined the walls on beautifully carved shelves. Shells lay displayed in cushioned boxes. Maps of far off islands framed the walls, surrounded by beautiful tapestries depicting scenes at sea. Ladell was most captivated by one tapestry of two battling ships. The orange yarn of the cannon fire looked so real--so bright. She couldn’t help but run her fingers over the tapestry. The beauty of the room made her forget why they were there. It was Tallis who brought her back to reality.
    “Thornley said it should be on display in the main hall, or maybe one of the parlors…” he said. 
    “What exactly are we looking for?”
    “I think the main object was a sword or something. But there’s a bunch of valuable items lying around. Just grab whatever you think will make Thornley pay us more,” Tallis laughed as he disappeared down a connected hallway. 
    Ladell crept through the vast halls of the manor. Each wall was richly decorated, but she looked only for the sword. Soon she came to a hallway which ended in richly carved double doors. Slowly, she pushed them open. 
    A grand room spread before her. More rich tapestries and treasures. Tall windows with loose silk curtains faced a view of the sea. A lounge chair, white as coral, sat on top of a beautifully woven carpet. A grand fireplace with a carved mantle crowned the back of the room. Ladell focused on the mantle. For there, hanging above a collection of vases, hung the crossed blades of two golden swords. 
    Ladell made her way into the room, completely captivated by the beauty of the swords. Their golden hilts seemed to gleam from the rays of the setting sun. She reached up, about to grasp the treasure, when a deep voice stopped her in her tracks. 
    “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” 
    Ladell turned, startled by the interruption, to see a tall man looming over her. A pistol was trained on her chest. Ladell’s outstretched hand quickly dropped to her side as she stepped back. 
    The man stared Ladell down, who wondered if she could make it to the door before he could pull the trigger. Then, an unsuspecting voice stopped her in her plan to escape--Tallis. 
    “Ladell! You would not believe what I found in the--oh,” Tallis’ smile vanished as he took in the scene. 
    “I guess you must be Captain Colborne,” Tallis said in a quick attempt to cover his wits. “We--we thought you were travelling and--and didn’t think--” 
    Ladell could tell Tallis was nervous as he stumbled over his words. 
    “You didn’t think I’d mind a couple of thieves rummaging through my things?” the captain said. “I’m afraid you are gravely mistaken. I do mind.”
    “Look, sir--” Ladell tried.
    “DON’T TRY TO TALK YOUR WAY OUT OF THIS!” Captain Colborne shouted, silencing both Tallis and Ladell. “Who are you?” he said sternly, waving the pistol, yet keeping it trained on Ladell. 
    “My name is Ladell,” she started slowly. “We were sent steal those.” Ladell pointed to the swords on the wall. “We’re just common thieves who got mixed up with the wrong people. This was the only way to escape.”
    “And who’s your friend?” Captain Colborne said, nodding his head towards Tallis, who still clutched a bulging satchel of stolen treasures.
    “His name is Tallis,” Ladell explained. “Please...we weren’t trying to cause any harm.”
    “Not causing any harm? A thief, who doesn’t cause harm? Your kind cause trouble--no matter who they’re--how did you say--mixed up with? I don’t stand for thievery.”
    “And we understand,” Tallis jumped in. “If you let us go--”
    “Let you go?” the captain mocked. “I don’t plan on letting this slide. Then what would that look like for me? Leniency towards thieves would break the status of a man like me. Then what would the people expect? They’d expect me to start giving to beggars! Letting the pirates who rob me live! No...I’m afraid you have to pay for your actions.” The captain cocked his pistol.
    “Wait!” Tallis cried, leaping in front of Ladell. 
    The captain raised his eyebrow, yet didn’t lower the pistol. “You want to be the hero? Die for the girl?” he mocked.
    “Something like that,” Tallis murmured. “If you kill us,” he continued slowly, “you won’t ever find out who sent us here.”
    Ladell knew Tallis was buying time. She slowly reached forward, and slipped Tallis’ knife from his belt. She glanced at the captain--her action had gone unnoticed, blocked by Tallis.
    “Alright,” the captain said, intrigued by Tallis’ words. “Tell me, and then I’ll kill you.”
    Tallis feigned a chuckle. Ladell knew he was gaining his confidence back. This was where he excelled. 
    “That’s not how a deal works,” he said. “I’ll tell you...only if you let us go.”
    “I’m supposed to trust you? Trust that you’re telling the truth about your employer? And then let you escape?”
    “Just like that,” Tallis said boldly. “Do we have a deal?”
    “I figured you would be a hard man to haggle with. It’s like that fisherman down by the wharf says...haggling with a rich man is a talent that few possess.”
    If Ladell hadn’t been so nervous, she would have kicked Tallis from behind. It was a risky move, but Ladell knew what Tallis had meant. They had often used the word wharf as a code to split up and meet at the docks. With a meetingplace set, an idea began to form in Ladell’s mind. She waited for the right moment to act.
    “What about an exchange,” Tallis offered. “Instead of killing us, why not use us. We would be more than willing to change our allegiance. We could be your man on the inside.”
    “Is that supposed to help me trust you? Tell me who you’re working for and then we can make a deal, only if I think your information is valid.”
    “Alright,” Tallis agreed. “But you need to put your pistol away before I tell you.”
    Captain Colborne lowered the pistol, but kept it cocked.
    “We were hired by a man named Thornley,” Tallis said slowly. 
    Immediately, Ladell knew the captain recognized the name. Captain Colbornes eyes went wide, and a deeper anger flushed his face. 
    “YOU WERE SENT BY THORNLEY!” he yelled. “You work for that thieving, cheating, rum-runner? The deal is off. Any man of Thornley’s is not to be trusted!”
    Captain Colborne began to raise his pistol, but Tallis leapt forward, tackling the gun from the captain’s grip. The pistol clattered across the floor. Ladell grabbed a vase off the mantle and threw it at the captain. It shattered as it made contact, causing a trickle of red to run down the man’s cheek. Tallis scrambled to his feet and started towards one of the great windows. He grabbed a chair and threw it against the glass, causing a shower of shards and splinters. 
    Ladell ran at the captain, stabbing the knife into his forearm. The captain roared as the knife made contact, and threw Ladell across the room. She slid across the floor, grimacing as her hands scraped along the shards of glass, but was able to pull herself to her feet. She ran towards Tallis, who waited, half in the window, half out. He stretched his arm towards Ladell. 
    “Jump!” he yelled.
    Ladell threw herself out the window and Tallis followed just in time. Captain Colborne threw Tallis’ knife. It swung through the air, narrowly missing Tallis’ head.
    Ladell rolled off the balcony below and landed hard in a garden of Sea Rose. The smell of salt and dirt from the squashed berries flooded Ladell’s senses in an unpleasant way. But she couldn’t linger on the smell for long. A second later Tallis appeared, hastily pulling her to her feet. 
    “To the docks!” he shouted. “Now!”
    Ladell lost all sense of control as she and Tallis ran as hard as they could towards the docks. She didn’t dare to stop and see if anyone was following them. Breathing hard, Ladell and Tallis stumbled across the sea-soaked planks of the docks. 
    “Come on,” Ladell managed. “We can make it to the Calton. They should be leaving any minute!”
    The pair raced over the docks, reaching the tall-masted merchant ship just in time. The Calton christened the barnacle-crusted bow of the ship in peeling paint. 
    “Wait!” Tallis yelled to a sailor, who was beginning to pull the gangplank up. “We’re coming!”
    “Cap’n was a’wonderin’ if ye were goin’ to join us,” the sailor said. “Ye almost missed yer passage. Don’ worry--yer stuff waitin’ for ye belo'. Ee, Boy! What happened to ye?”
    Ladell, who was trying to steady her breathing, turned to see Tallis barely catch himself on the railing of the ship. Tallis looked up, his alarmed eyes a contrasting blue compared to the red that streamed down his cheeks. The knife thrown by Captain Colborne hadn’t missed afterall. 
    “Tallis!” Ladell cried, reaching forward to steady her friend.
    “I’ll fetch ye a needle,” the sailor said. 
    “Tallis, look at me!” Ladell ordered. She tried to hide the worry in her voice. “Just stay still, you’re going to need stitches.”
    “We’re safe now,” Tallis murmured, his eyes struggling to stay open.
    “Yup,” Ladell managed a laugh. “Safe from Thornely and Colborne. The ship’s pulling out of the harbor right now.” Ladell took a cloth from the sailor, who returned with that and a needle. 
    “Tallis, this is going to hurt,” she said, wiping the blood from his face. “I have to stitch your wound. Try to stay still.”
    Tallis gave a slight nod before dropping into unconsciousness.
    Ladell had stitched his wound, but she had to tell Tallis the cut would leave a scar. Tallis had laughed, saying a scar would make him look tougher. They sailed on the Calton for a fortnight, docking in the Ento Key. It was there where Ladell and Tallis split ways. 

Part of Ladell wished things turned out differently. She didn’t regret her choice, but she missed having her friend around. 


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