16 years old
INFJ (or so the internet says)

"I just wanna be happier, is that too greedy"
Blue and Grey by BTS

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I really need feedback. Tell me what can I do to improve this even further. Thank you for reading!

You helped me so thank you

December 10, 2020


The floor you walked on
seemed flushed with yellow grass,
bees and flowers
whereas my path seemed set in grimy old stone.

As I thought that we can't ever cross paths
You broke the stony gray bricks
and made it much more pleasant.

Though we just had met
but your kindness was enough
to spread the green grass everywhere
so it felt as if I had known you longer.

Though maybe it was your great personality.

The whole ordeal with you
filled my heart once again with genuine gratitude
so I hope that when I hold my hand out
to help you, you'll take it
and when you feel like your garden is falling apart
you'll let me help.

Eventhough we're not that close
Yet .

Some people stop in their tracks
while interacting with you
because they find you intimidating
and sometimes, you think you're annoying
but trust me when I say
you're a sweet person
with a good sense of humour.

Since I know the universe doesn't like me
making friends
So let's make sure we end
on a good note
but I'm sure it won't happen soon
because your garden is as fresh as always.
Sooooo I met this new person a month ago and we're actually pretty good friends now and I really really need critique on this because I'll show this to them soon.


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