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Planning the post-board exam trip.

December 10, 2020


After slogging hard for months on end, the board exams are finally over. This means: happy dance, happy dance! Two months of absolute liberty to do whatever one wants. I was so relieved and delighted that my heart could have popped out of my chest due to all the excitement.

The biggest surprise was my mum's and dad's announcement at the dinner table three days later. I screamed and upset my food plate. Thank goodness for Orena, our female feline, who licked everything spotlessly clean. I was given the permission to plan my freedom trip. I was on cloud nine. On the seventh heaven. Over the moon. On top of the world.

I gobbled up my supper, not caring to thank my mum for making my second-favorite, Sindhi Biryani, and ran up the stairs to my room. I got out my second-hand yet stellar laptop and began searching up on all the places I'd wanted to visit. After a two hour meticulous and scrupulous research, I'd narrowed down, from fifty splendid places, three marvelous countries that I'd ascertained I'd love to visit. They were, ranked in accordance to my we-need-to-visit-this-place level:-

1) Greece
2) Kenya and
3) Turkey

But since, I could go to only one place (due to my extremely frugal parents, I could only and only go to one country, I decided to go to the place I ranked first on my oh-so coveted list)

Greece A.K.A Hellenic Republic
The historical and cultural importance of this dazzling location completely justify my selection of this country. It also happens to be an exotic place. Being the studious and knowledge-seeking person that I am, this place was absolutely perfect for me. This magnificent country is the founder of many things without which our lives will look extraordinarily incomplete. Love Mathematics, geometry to be precise? Thank the Greek mathematicians, Pythagoras, Euclid, Archimedes, and Thales of Miletus for introducing the geometric axioms. Just been treated for a disease? Your treatment wouldn't have been possible without Hippocrates. Hippocrates, Father of Western Medicine, founded the Hippocratic School of Medicine and established the Hippocratic Oath for religious and ethical standards of treatment. Do you eagerly wait for your games period in school every week? I certainly do. The impressive Olympic Games was first held in Ancient Greece as far back as 776 BC. Did you know that a lot of English words are derivatives of Greek term? Okay, enough of information. Let's get down to financial planning, a very crucial aspect. Now, I personally know that Greece is not cheap. It would probably cost a poor man an arm and a leg to visit this heavenly place.

Hotels- Per day stay 5000 INR to 13000 INR.
That's way too expensive, I thought. I searched a little more and finally found a good deal under 4,300 INR. Perfect, I thought. My stay was for 5 days and 4 nights. So according to the math, I still had plenty of money to spend.
Oh, incase you're wondering about the expense involved in getting to the Hellenic Republic, I'll tell you that I received a free airplane ticket to travel anyplace I want from my generous uncle, who is a frequent flyer, and had collected and saved his travel points to reward me this beautiful ticket. My parents didn't readily accept this luxurious gift, my mom was still being mildly obstinate over the whole affair.

So all that was left was now was a sightseeing tour. Now let me me elaborate comprehensively. Greece was a ginormous country and I wanted to make the most out of once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, well, to a common man or woman, visiting all the famous places within five days seemed like a near-to-impossible task. But I wasn't going to let my spirits be dampened by some stupid worldwide acknowledgement. This was one of the moments where my younger sister would laugh and say that I was an incurable optimist, but right now, she was downstairs helping mom sort out the laundry, I smiled as I heard incoherent words burbling from her lips.

I found three sightseeing groups, within my price range, who toured the entire place. Museums were my priority. Check. I wanted to click a lot of pictures, Greece had a lot of famous locations for clicking the most marvelous photographs possible. They were headed there. Check. Provisions for meals. Check.

Guess I was done then, did a few online payments and I was ready to go. My flight was booked for the next evening. My worried yet subtly warm-hearted parents and rosy-cheeked sister standing right by me while I completed all the online payment procedures and got all my travelling formalities completed.

Athens, Thessaloniki and Patras  (all major metropolitan cities in Greece) Here I come!


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