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And through it all, He is holding me

By: Anne Blackwood


I peered through the darkness
and sought out the source of this trembling joy
An aching love that fills me with hope
that there is so much more than this

I found the face of my Savior
looking back at me with eyes gentle and strong
Every talent and trait is a gift from heaven
written into my every breath

How amazing is it
that this is not all about me
For I could never be enough for anyone
but I stand in the power and favor of the King

Oh my gosh you guys. God is on my side!! How freaking cool is that?!
I wrote this last night after reading the poem and looking at the painting with the name Prince of Peace, both of which Akiane Kramarik created when she was only eight. I found out about her through the book Heaven Is For Real, which I just reread. It's about a kid who had a near-death experience that resulted in him visiting heaven. I'd recommend that book to literally anyone.

Message to Readers

Republishing because Happy Easter everyone! He is risen!

Originally posted December 10, 2020

Peer Review

I love how this poem describes your relationship with God and how you experience him. It feels genuine and raw in the best way and your descriptions are beautiful. After I read this I looked at the painting and poem you mentioned and I totally see how this was inspired by it! I love how other people's art can inspire us to make our own.

This poem has so much packed into it. You explore so many elements of the relationship between God and humankind. I actually think you could delve deeper into some of them! Especially the ones in the second stanza. The first two lines (in the second stanza) so beautifully describe the feeling of connecting to God. They build such momentum - and I feel that I want another few lines about this connection with our Saviour; this moment where his kind eyes meet yours. Could you describe another part of his facial expression? The way his eyebrows crease when he looks at you? The way the corners of his mouth turn up to a smile when you look to him? And the following two lines in the stanza! They are incredible and they kind of tie back to the painting too, considering the fact that an eight-year old painted it (I mean, what??) . These two lines also leave me wanting more! Could you expand on the idea of creation, expressing how we are each a masterpiece, a work of art? (haha, you know, kind of metaphorically connecting to the idea of the painting) Or perhaps dwell on the uniqueness of us as human beings - maybe even touching on certain traits you have? I wonder - could you split that middle stanza into two four-line stanzas; one expanding from those first two lines and one expanding from the second two?

Reviewer Comments

This is a beautiful and touching poem, and I'm so glad I got to read it today! I hope my suggestions are helpful to you, but no worries if they aren't. I know you said you first published this back in December, so maybe you already like what you've done with it and don't want to edit any further, which I totally get!
Either way, Happy Easter!! God is so good.
Also by the way have you heard the song called Through all of it by Colton Dixon? Your title reminded me of it!