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city sadness

By: happy butterfly


(why is it that the ones who break spirits,become our muses? 
they do not deserve to be painted into elegance)

sacred love tucked inbetween the cracks in a wall covered in graffiti secrets.umbrellas held over heads,you don't know how to embrace the cold of a broken heart.torn pages from books,soaked and bound to be destroyed,in dirty puddles on the pavement.romance tries to escape us (but we don't let it.)

a boy left in a burnt sun taxi,crying.her name now sparks more feeling than the day he first spoke it.inspiration is born from city sadness.and angry lovers shouting infront of red traffic lights.signs from aphrodite that humans in love like to ignore.(red is love).

the snow in the snowglobe that whispers reality in languages most don't believe to exist.electric wishes keep our hopes above the fallen and realistic expectations.the darkness dances when the streetlights shatter and people are left to hold hands in the dark.

music grows us wings and we sit on the roof of tall buildings that are fantasized to reach paradise.sing and entrance the clouds to trip and fall over us.and we'll fall with them.cry under colourful lights (and feelings) we pretend are the aurora borealis.graceful love kisses hate.happiness without golden rings. 

listening to lorde and writing poetry has become a coping mechanism for my feelings lol
hmmm this piece is kind of all over the the imagery executed well? what are your favourite lines? 

Peer Review

bro you dont know how much self control it took to not highlight every single line and write how gorgeous it is. this is a masterpiece, from the general aesthetic to each sentence to your word choice.

idk why this could be styllistic but there isn't any spaces between the periods?? its a bit wack to read but doesn't really detract from the piece in the end.

Reviewer Comments

IVEE BEEN MEANING TO REVIEW THIS FOR AWHILE AND NOW I HAVE ENERGY for once in my short miserable life lol. but seriously this is one of my favorite pieces on here to this day dude keep up the excellent work!!