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To Whom It May Concern (Feedback Needed!)

December 8, 2020


5 December 2020    
To whom it may concern:
    It is probably not of any consequence to you that a fifteen year old girl in a rural pocket of northern California is sorely disappointed in her state’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis. Perhaps it would interest you further if you listened to how many others feel the same way. Likely not, but if I have captured a sliver of interest, I feel as though you should continue reading.
    But therein lies the issue, doesn’t it? Feelings. It has become apparent to me that the United States is a society in which those who are ruled primarily by feelings are the ones whose voices are the loudest. The silent—or at least the quiet—majority is called that for a reason. The louder one shouts, the bigger and more powerful one seems. I ask you to hear the so-called “silent” majority, because they are not silent. They are simply drowned out by the screaming minority.
    Feelings can be misleading, but they should not be discounted. Especially if the feelings of the “silent” majority are discounted when the feelings of the screaming minority are heard, understood, supported, and presented as more valuable than the feelings of the “silent” majority. 
    At this point, you may think my letter will be a lengthy list of criticisms that I hand you in hopes that you will check each wrongdoing or shortcoming off the list as soon as it has been rectified. That is not so. Rather, I am asking—pleading, even—that you listen. My topic actually has little to do with the bureaucratic handlings of this crisis. In fact, it will appear trivial in the scheme of things: youth sports.
    Allow me to clarify. I am not imploring you to allow all youth sports to forge ahead and hang the consequences. I am not suggesting, with a meticulous plan for dates and counties and tiers and case numbers and positivity rates and quarantine situations, that youth should be allowed to play. I agree with those who say that it depends on the sport; a contact sport in an enclosed space such as basketball poses more risk than cross country or tennis. I also acknowledge the risks of allowing any gameplay or competition involving travel from one county to another. 
    What I am suggesting is that you hear the cries of the people, and respond to them. Contrary to the proverb that “no news is good news,” I can confidently tell you that people would rather hear you say, “there is no news, no updates, no changes,” than wait and wonder with only a proverb to comfort them. Even if nothing has been decided—whatever the matter—informing the public of this gives them peace of mind. It is better to report “No updates; we will let you know as soon as we find out” than to say nothing at all.
    It is not just about the sports themselves, the physical aspects. It is not only about the unrelenting passion and dedication of the players who give themselves to athletics. The culture, the atmosphere that surrounds sports—that is irreplaceable. It creates a sense of belonging and community; in some areas, it is the pillar of the community, especially football and boys’ basketball. Sporting matches are about more than a social event that looks exceptional on Instagram. Sometimes, it is not even about the players―at least, not entirely. Friends are found and lost at these events. Conversations occur and connections shine. There is an inexplicable glow to attending a sporting event, to remaining silent until the tenth point is scored, to the rhythmic stomp-stomp-clap, to the running commentary you keep up with friends, to holding your breath as the point guard lobs a desperate shot across the court—
    Or maybe the temperature has dropped almost to freezing as the night carries on, illuminated by stadium lights, and the student section is on its feet on the aluminum bleachers, and wild cheers erupt at the interception at the forty with less than a minute to go—
    But even if the point guard airballs the last shot, even if the safety fumbles the interception, nothing has ever felt so intense, so passionate, so important.
    At least, not until the next game. 
    No, this is not the time to begin youth sports for parts of California. Yes, I believe that the future of sports depends on each county’s circumstances. Now more than ever, the variables are unpredictable and abundant. 
    So, for what and for whom am I writing this letter?
    I write for those who wish to be heard.
    I write for those who try to speak up and are drowned out by the screaming minority.
    I write to ask and to beg you: listen. Sometimes, that is the only thing you can do, but sometimes, that is everything.
    I write to remind you that people would rather hear you say something, even if there is no change, than to wait in anticipation for an update that never arrives.
    I write to illustrate the importance of youth sports, not only in the games themselves, but in the environment they produce that, in turn, establishes a community that cannot be replicated. 
    I write to demonstrate that a teenager can articulate the opinions of many into a single letter. 
    I write because society has told me that my voice matters, and I desire that to remain true even when my voice is proclaiming something different than those around me.
    I write in hopes that you will read, understand, and remember. 

Wishing All the Best,
I'm republishing the same piece, just without the added craziness of my other footnotes. I was trying to cram two big things in one. 
I'd very much appreciate peer review and feedback on this piece! <3 
Stay tuned for new developments around here! Here are a few piece ideas I'm mulling over in my head:
-finally continuing my Riordan fanfiction on the Joint Task Force Meeting
-finally continuing my Lost Letters of Illea
-an appreciation poem for #holidayvibes participants
-a hilarious and very confusing script as a collab with my writer gang... can't say much more, though
-revising my oneshot between Brooks and Tag


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  • Stone of Jade

    re: oh my word!!! Ahhhh! I got so excited!! I def ship you two now! at least CL texts you *huffs* LP (those are his initials) barely texts. i dont mind cause i like seeing him in person better but i think about him a lot and i wish we'd text more. i tease him about it constantly lol. i know how you feel about liking other guys. when i first liked him my sis did too -_- (long story short, that's over--she likes his bro now haha) so while i was trying to deny my feelings i liked another guy--but not as much or for as long cause it didn't last at alll--to me it was like anna with hans and then kristoff. it helped that both me and other boy had red hair so he was my "hans" lol --random but my bucket list includes dressing up as anna and kristoff with LP XD
    anyway--now i digress lol
    your story is so so sweet!! i like how you talked it out and set "boundaries" (fr lack of a better word) becoming stronger friends first always helps grow strong relationships.
    also i have the same thing but with his cat!! I was over there the first day he got his kitten. i ended up help naming it-- Luna. she is the sweetest (and super chubby now) kitten ever and i love her. well i was texting him when he was on vaca cause i was watching the kittens. and i ended up flirting saying "i half wish you were gone longer so i could see luna more" and he said he'd have to invite me over so i could see her more often ;) that made me so happy haha...he is so sweet. legit one time he said he didn't get why girls wore makeup bc they are prettier without it--and that he likes how i am myself no matter who im with and not try to impress or change bc of circumstance. things like that just ahh i cant even explain :)

    5 months ago
  • ~ carolina ~ {formerly rosi willard}

    re: yeah, she was. rip maria

    5 months ago
  • sunny.v

    re: !! thank u sm for the sweet comment! not a stupid question at all, it's an obscure phrase. "match them in spades" means to match them intensely/with fervor. so when i say someone did something to me and i respond with vigor/purpose, i'm matching them in spades! ty for reading! <3

    5 months ago
  • mirkat

    re: hey! thanks for your comment(s) they mean a lot. i'm okay... my mom is having breakdowns like every other day and it weighs on me because i worry about her. my dad is also like totally sucked into work and my brother is either too young to understand or like has problems of his own (anger management) so sometimes i feel like i'm the only one keeping us together. that's what writings for, tho, so it all turns out and now i'm entering a science zoom. she stopped crying, too, and just delivered a smoothie to me so that's good. thanks for checking in, feels good when someone has your back. same thing for you, i'm here for you! thanks again. <3<3<3

    5 months ago
  • Stone of Jade

    re: ahhh i got giddy and excited just at reading your comment!!! there are moments where i think of something sweet he has said or done for me and it makes me smile like a maniac and my whole day is a bit brighter :) i have liked him ever since i met him (five years ago). i found out summer 2019 he liked me too (altho i had suspicions). all our friends ship us as Lexus ;) i bought him an xmas gift this year too (first time) and its a sweatshirt. my sis told me he bought me something too so im super excited but also really nervous ahhh..hmm. maybe one day ill change my pfp to a pic of us ;)

    you say you are in the same place? spill the tea sis!

    5 months ago
  • mirkat

    this is just so so powerful... the imagery is phenomenal, i was really there. and the points you mentioned were so strong! i loved at the end how you declared why you are writing the letter, too. all in all, very impactful. like someone in the comments said, you should consider sending this to your local congress person. can't wait to read more of your work that's coming up! especially excited for the play script thing and rivsed brooks and tag! hope your day is going well! <3<3<3

    5 months ago
  • Halopoet

    Re: hey! Thankyou so much. Im glad my piece made you feel so good. And dont worry, i crave deep comments. Yours made my day. Thanks again.

    5 months ago
  • Stone of Jade

    re: thank you for your comment <33 how did you like david and goliath? that was our reading for class this quarter. i thought there were a few interesting concepts. parts were a bit confusing for me but i got there eventually haha...yes it is a heavy topic and i feel the same. i knew about it but didn't really KNOW about it. i was excited my teacher accepted the thesis topic so i could try to raise a bit more awareness. Idk why i posted the essay but im glad it inspired you. i figured since we are all writers and essay is writing that i might get a bit of feedback haha.
    and just a little advice..if you feel stressed on finals and overwhelmed. focus on one thing at a time. plug away and don't fall under the anxiety. focus on one thing and then the next. not all at once ;)

    5 months ago
  • ava09 (sorta back)

    replying: oo yes!! i love letter writing! it is super nice even when you don't send it - just to say the things you're feeling even if they never read it is so freeing. haha yes more lyricssss. omg tim mcgraw aw such an oldie i literally love all those song soooo much haha. the lyrics just make you happy and they're so amazingggg.
    "and I just wanna show you/she don't even know you/she's never gonna love you like I want to/and you just see right through me but if you only knew me/we could be a beautiful, miracle, unbelievable/instead of just invisible"

    5 months ago
  • Coeur

    reply: yesyes I agree! Love is over simplified, and greeks philosophy, mythology, an architecture is really really cool!. I wrote one essay for my a class analyzing the quote I used in my other quote, and reacting to an article which talked about how Lewis said that the romantic movement and Puritan ideologies weakened the bond of Philia until it isn't deemed important by society. I don't think the teacher actually ever graded it actually. :( It was fun to write though.

    5 months ago
  • ava09 (sorta back)

    i love this!!! it's really powerful - maybe you should send it to one of your senators or representatives!
    replying: hahaha it really is thoughhhhhh. not me singing every single song of the lyrics you picked XD. all beautiful, gorgeous and stunning and honestly we all wish we could write like thatttt. :) taylor's just such a gem and is absolutely fabulous.

    5 months ago
  • AccountA

    re: yessss i agree soo much but i think solangelo ties with percabeth :D. i did read the tower of nero and loved every page!!! omg i still read it like evrey day!!! thanks for the waffles, theyre great!! i eat a lot of weird stuff but really dont like grape jelly

    5 months ago