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“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” (Matthew 6:34)

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December 10, 2020



You know me. I am that little ornament that always sits at the bottom of the box. You never put me on the tree, ashamed of what people might think. I remember that year in first grade when you made me, you tried so hard, your tongue sticking out and frowning in concentration as you painted me in sparkly green paint. You took me everywhere that year, you showed me to all of your friends, proud of what you had made. But now, you forget I exist. Sure, I might be a little beat up from when you moved away from home, but you kept me. Why did you keep me if you were never going to put me on the tree? This year, your daughter has her own little tree in her room. You finally take me out of the box, and she looks in awe at how shimmery my paint is. That's what you used to love about me, but now, I have been passed on to someone else. That's okay though because she has put me at the very top of her tree.
I am going to pretend that I wrote this as a metaphor on purpose ;)
(Also thanks to sese for the review ;)
Merry Christmas!!

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  • Sunflower~

    haha, I did the same thing as I was decorating my tree which is what gave me the idea for this lol

    8 months ago
  • Future Pseudonym

    I know EXACTLY which ornament this is in my household and now I feel really bad for leaving it in the box lmao. That's the mark of a good piece, isn't it? *proceeds to take out ugly ornament and stick it on the back of the tree where it's basically against the wall*

    8 months ago
  • wavewriter

    Awww this is so sweet and sad. I love it!

    8 months ago