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December 8, 2020


I wanted this year to be incredible, stellar, brilliant and all the synonyms of brilliant..
this last year of school was where I hoped reality surpasses all my expectations, my inner soul wanted this to be the best year of my teenage life.
Surprisingly, I didn't wanna go to college so soon
But as it turns out, God had other plans and not everyone was over the moon
Our school was to begin in march,
when this virus decided to pop up outta nowhere
and ruin all of our lives
emphasis on ALL, no one was spared
Educational institutions were shut, more like we were the ones shut
then began, if I put it colloquially, the WFH era
We weren't ready for this,
honestly no one was ready for this unprecedented, unparalleled, never-known-before way of learning
On a side note,
Anxiously we read the newspaper every single day
I think we did this carefully all throughout march, april and may
Amazing though isn't it? Back in April, the cases were the extreme minimum they could have ever been and yet we were terrified and now that they've gone through the roof, we are least bothered.
Interesting how the human mind works in this funny, bizarre way,
The schools didn't seem to flinch a bit instead quickly started and switched into school from home mood, sending out worksheets to fill and copy every single day.
the torture and torments and agony, I'm sure people procrastinated all they could. We were distressed about the completion of our books, what with all this being an important year, we had to get a little studying done too, just then they threw at our faces, online exams that needed to be given via Google Forms and if that wasn't enough every single extra thing given was said to be important, if it wasn't done, your internals would look forgotten.
All of a sudden, I was sucked off all of my happiness, like a dementor in the wizarding world, on top of that I couldn't go out,
things were looking grim, it was infuriating, it was overwhelming
I sat at home with a frown, my sister commenting that I looked like a clown.
Our routines ever since then, have been nothing but mundane with Zoom and WebEx meetings being all the rage. Normalcy was proving to be a myth and we taking that in strides with our muddled heads held high.
Online classes soon followed, timetables sent, the parents WhatsApp groups becoming the new meeting and chit-chat spot, with parents and children alike asking what time was that english literature lecture? 12:45 p.m. right? and hundreds of ejaculations over the fees payment..God knows why..
We hardly care to change our apparel for online school, we are anyways oblivious to time, so why bother to look good when you know you look like a fool? Most of the times, our cameras were off. It did bother our teachers a little. But we figured that our teachers rather see our initials on the screen than ask us how we've been?
And these last two months, my respective subject teachers made me breathe fire, with science journals and character sketches and surveys and history projects when I could have happily been watching Young Sheldon in my free time. Horrible year I say!
If only physical school was functioning, we'd had played over a bazillion sports and games by now (hockey, football, badminton, basketball to name a few) and had uncountable co-curricular activities not to mention the endless jibber-jabbering with friends and teachers alike! Oh, I almost forgot to mention the memorable concerts and the near-to-impossible-to-not-say-it, our beloved sports day!
There are so many elements missing from this particular school year, my mum says that we are an exceptional batch, but in reality we are just a normal pack of kids having one of the worst years of our lives!
It's a poem! Hope you find it to be entertaining. Any constructive criticism will be appreciated! 


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