My name is Riku, I am a Meif'wa, and I live in Marshmallow village in the Tu'la region. I enjoy reading writing, video games, playing outside, drawing, and just being creative in general. An interesting fact about me is; I hate spiders,

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The legend of the Infinite Mountain

December 7, 2020


    It is said that somewhere on this planet lies an infinite mountain, It's peak soars above the clouds, and above all that we know.  You can climb it, or try at least, but however far you get, you will be know closer to the peak.  The thing that makes this place special, however, is the people that live on it.

    Halfway up the mountain, there is a civilisation mirroring our own in advancement and evolution, these citizens love nothing more than to spend the days and nights skiing, snowboarding, and sledding down the infinite mountain.  however, since halfway to infinity is still infinity, and infinite works both ways, they will never reach the bottom, so we can be almost certain that we will never meet them in our life time.

    And now, as we try to climb up to a discovery we cannot attain, and they speed down to a land only found in their legends, we learn that not everything needs to be found, and that some things are best left as legends.  Take heart, however, for one day, the clouds will part and the mountain will become finite, allowing us to finally meet these legendary people.
This was completely inspired by the videogame alto's adventure, I have simply wrote about it for fun


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