My name is Riku, I am a Meif'wa, and I live in Marshmallow village in the Tu'la region. I enjoy reading writing, video games, playing outside, drawing, and just being creative in general. An interesting fact about me is; I hate spiders,

December Grab Bag

December 7, 2020


Write about a character’s first day of work at an unusual job:  How did I get here? Well that’s a question even I can't answer, after all, I didn’t even choose this job, I would never choose to work for a company that supplies data to muffin companies.  This company gathers data on foods people like, and sells it to the highest bidder, mainly companies like coca-cola and Post.  My position is a scout, I find potential sources of info and let the sleuths know, who actually gather the data.

Write a short story that includes these five phrases/words: crochet, muffin, elephant, tragic, and “Don’t play dumb with me”: I sit down in my chair and begin to crochet, i'm making a toy elephant for my little nephew, who's turning 1 in a few days.  Days later i'm at the party and I realise, oh, he cheaped out again, muffins, and not a cupcake in sight, so typical of my brother, no wonder his wife left him, it's tragic really.
    Don't play dumb with me!" I hear someone shout, I turn around and there she is, the ex.
    "What makes you think I'm playing, I don't know why your here!"
    I really dont like situations like this, so I slip off into the shadows and go home, the present left on the table.


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