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me 5 years ago

December 11, 2020

You meet yourself from five years ago. Give yourself 3 pieces of advice

Dear 9 year old me,

I guess it’s been a while huh.  You’ve gone through some pretty drastic changes but you turn out alright.  No you don’t have a boyfriend you didn't have to call me out on that.  The real reason I’m here is to give you a few pieces of advice and to tell you things that I wish I knew at your age. 
      The first advice being to enjoy your childhood while you can.  You'll try to escape it as fast as you can thinking it would be the greatest idea of your life but the truth is that you'll surely miss it in the future.  Things go from playing tag on the playground and playing with barbies to high beauty standards and the continued struggle to even exist in this world.  So enjoy every last hour of running in the backyard and making up scandals between your barbies in the dollhouse.    You’ll miss the simpler times.  
Another thing I would like to tell you is try not to worry about school as much.  Things will inevitably get harder and harder as time goes by and you have to push through it as hard as you can.  Study and try your best and dad won't get mad.  
And lastly, don't be afraid to break from your little shell.  It seems scary and you want to hide in it forever but this is the year where you slowly have to crawl out.  Soon you’ll be able to speak up in the group discussions with a little less anxiety.  You’ll be able to make jokes to your classmates instead of listening to the hard silence.  You’ll be able to see your friends' smiles instead of the floors.  It takes a little getting used to but trust me it's for the better. 


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  • Sunflower~

    I would have given myself the same advice lol

    8 months ago