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A must-read piece: (by.amelia.)

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Please note: Just_Those_Christmas_Memories and I have no real experience with love, so we have to try to envision those feelings, which is a bit strange. We apologize if this is totally inaccurate. With that being said, we still hope you enjoy.

As Fate Would Have Us I Chapter Six

December 7, 2020


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    Akemia stopped walking and spun on her heel. Someone had purposely poisoned the Duke. She tiptoed back to the kitchen, only to see, “Chef Louis and Aunt Suzanne!she gasped, placing both her hands over her open mouth. 

    “Who?” Akemia watched through the slim crack in the door, as her beloved aunt leaned in toward Chef Louis. He then cupped her left ear and whispered something barely audible. 

    “....came in, stole the bottle... spilled… gardening and some other duties...covered up...with another...flowers,” she heard Chef Louis muffle. 

    She watched as her Aunt’s face lit up with surprise. “Are you sure?” cried Aunt Suzanne, no longer leaning in. 

    “Well, of course, I’m sure. I’m the royal head chef. I see everything that’s going on, everything,” Louis said, placing his hand on the wooden table, “Plus, there is no other person that could’ve done it.”

    “That is true,” Suzanne said, scanning the empty kitchen, “But, have you told anyone else?”

    “No. I did not and will not, except you,” Louis huffed, shaking his round head. 

    “Very well then. I must go now, thank you so very much, Chef Louis, for the information,” Suzanne said, taking her purse and heading towards the other exit. She bid him a wave, and disappeared down the dining room. 
Akemia’s heart raced. She couldn’t catch any of the person’s name, nor their physical appearance.She felt like fainting when someone caught her by her tiny waist, “Akemia!”

“Are you ill? Hurt? Do I need to call the royal doctor?” Chandler said, looking at Akemia from head-to-toe. 

    Akemia smiled, “No, Chandler, I am doing well. What are you here for at this mid-hour? Aren’t you to be finishing off your royal duties?” 
“Well, I am not quite done, but-” Chandler started, now holding Akemia’s left hand.

    “Well, then, Chandler, you better get going. No buts,” Akemia said, placing a finger on his lips.

    “Hmph, you don’t want to spend time with me?” Chandler pouted, a faint layer of pink on his white cheeks. 

    “No, not that. I just want you to finish earlier so I can spend more time with you at night,” Akemia whispered, touching Chandler’s warm rosy cheeks “I’ll be waiting for you.”
    Chandler blushed harder, his cheeks turning crimson red. “Alright then. I better get going. I wouldn’t want to keep you waiting,” Chandler said briskly, winking his left eye. 

    Akemia’s heart fluttered. She couldn’t help but fall for him. He was just so cute. She stood there for a solid minute, before heading up to her bedroom. There, she plopped on her cleaned bed and kicked off her heels. “I love him, no doubt. And I,... I will marry him, no doubt.” 

    She soon fell into a deep sleep, and woke up to find Yeva once again by her bed. Yeva gave her a new set of clothes with a personal note by Aunt Suzanne and left. Akemia read the note out loud, “Dear Honey, I chose this set of clothes just for you! I hope you love them! I can’t wait to see you wear this! Love, your dear Aunt Suzanne.”
Akemia looked at the set of folded clothes on her bed. The blouse was white, with colorful flowers lacing around the collar and an indentation around the waist. It was airy and short-sleeved. The pants were just simple skinny black leggings. 

    “Aunt Suzanne would have never let me wear colorful flower lacings, or just skinny black leggings.” Akemia thought as she picked up the set. But still, she wore the blouse and leggings and chose gold hoop earrings. She combed her waist-length hair, and tied it into a royal bun. She was still fixing her hair when someone knocked loudly on the door. 

    “Come in!” she said, a hairpin in her mouth. She looked in the mirror only to see Chandler standing with his hands behind his back. 
    “Hello, Akemia. I’m finally done with my work, so we can finally spend some quality time together.” Chandler smiled, his hands still behind his back. 

    Akemia grinned and finished up her hair, “Yes. Oh, and why are your hands behind your back?”

    “Is there a problem with putting my hands behind my back,” Chandler laughed. “Well, anyway, as I came here, I went to the jeweler and got you these new earrings. You probably have tons of pairs anyway, but this is the first from me,” Chandler said, placing the small silver box into the hands of Akemia. 

    Akemia untied the gold ribbon to see a pair of emerald teardrop earrings packaged perfectly in the tiny box. She smiled and walked towards Chandler. And for the first time, she gave him a hug. He welcomed her with open arms and took in her sweet jasmine scent. They stayed in that position for a little while before walking out to the balcony and sitting on the ground.  

    “I love you,”  Akemia said, leaning against Chadler’s broad shoulders. 

    “I love you more,” Chandler answered, placing his hand on Akemia’s shoulder. 

    “They’re such a sweet couple. It would be a shame to have them separate,” Queen Tilly said, peeking from outside, “Oh well, I should let them be because who knows what can happen in the future.” 

    Queen Tilly then left them alone, and began talking with her husband, King Benedict of Kariliea. 

    “Honey, could you imagine what would happen if we had to break this couple?” Queen Tilly said, sighing with happiness. But to her surprise, King Benedict only hummed in return. 

    “Huh? Benedict? Is there something wrong?”

    “Well, let me ask you this, Tilly. Do you know their marks? What if they aren’t meant to be? If I were to state the truth, my dear Tilly, I only really see a fake pair.” King Benedict said, placing Queen Tilly’s hand on his arm. 
Queen Tilly maintained silent for a while as they walked down the stairs. Meanwhile, Akemia and Chandler were staring out the stars, hand in hand. They shared stories, and smiles. Secrets and smirks. 

    “That was a funny story,” Akemia said, wiping off laughing tears off her eyelids. 
    “What do you mean? That was one of the most embarrassing events of my life!” Chandler said, smiling at Akemia’s sweet laughter. 

    “Oh I’m sorry. I couldn’t help laughing,” Akemia remarked, clearing her throat. 

    “It’s okay, also-” Chandler stopped talking. A mysterious sealed letter had landed on the balcony floor where they sat. 

    “Hm? A letter?” Akemia said, picking up the cream-colored envelope, “It’s from the Blessed.”

    Chandler stared at the letter, “That just means one thing: something is wrong.”


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