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Most likely questioning all my life choices
Still trying to figure out this writing thing

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Any help with my writing would be great because sometimes I have no idea what I'm doing. :)

“Life itself is the most wonderful fairytale”- Hans Christian Anderson(I think)
"Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy."

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February 14, 2021


That was a GREAT morning for me,
Note the sarcasm please,
Life was going to ruin,
Thoughts swirled in my mind like the winter storm I prayed would come,
Chances of moving,
Chances of losing it all,
Then you come so close,
I could almost feel the warmth of your old plaid jacket,
You casually said hey,
In your stupid usual relaxed way,
We start to talk,
Whatever the conversation is,
I lose my train of thought,
Just one small accidental peek and I see who you're texting,
Just a casual, quick response,
That's what it must have been,
But just one flit of the eye and I can see,
It's her,
The one who's taken that special place in your heart,
I guess that's why she has a heart as her contact photo,
Why'd you do it?
Why can't you see?
I'm not gonna say it should be me,
That's too cliche, 
But please just think about me...
And when I had that cartoon heart on my contact...
So I have to ask.
Do you ever miss me?


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  • _Delphiruns2theocean_

    This is beautiful!

    3 months ago
  • Coolgirl2020 (LOVE YA ALL)

    Hi, how are you?
    I'd love to review three or more of your pieces! Will you let me know which ones you'd like reviewed? Thanks! <3

    3 months ago
  • SamRose

    I love this! It is beautiful.

    3 months ago
  • BriRiley

    Wow, this is a wonderful piece! Good job! :)

    3 months ago