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I'm 14 and an aspiring artist and author.
Black Lives matter.
Bi puns
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I can't even be bothered writing them all down
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Pre-Christmas Profiles

December 6, 2020


December Profiles of Human Beings

13 years old, female 
She's tucked into a chair with arm-rests, switching intermittently between writing, wasting time by sitting upside-down on the plush red rug, re-reading Shrill by the amazing author Lindy West, behind the cover of her maths book, and actually doing maths. Schist- she was caught on her laptop and had to make up an excuse about thinking of something and needing to write it down. She crunches on the remnants of the mint and caramel lolly she was eating. The Christmas tree beside her glows with fairy-lights, the wind outside picks up a bit, nearly overturning the pomegranate tree. Her legs are tucked up onto the peach-coloured plush of the royal-seeming chair, as they have been for hours. 

15-nearly-16 years old, female 
She's somewhere at school. Back in the place she swore never to go back to, probably in  class or eating. Or maybe she's run away from that pit of horridness with some new friend and together they're starting a circus. Hopefully she wasn't outside between when the rain started and when it stopped just as suddenly, or her short brown bob will be plastered around her face, and her school-uniform sopping wet. Maybe she finally got a chance to put some of those boys who mistreated people last time in their place, or maybe she's just disguised in the crowd, with new glasses and a mask. 

47 years old, female 
Sitting in the office, away rom the Christmas tree and bunting. She's working on detailed polymer lay things -rolling it flat and attaching the beads together and making the beads- the kind of thing people think must be hard, but are actually the easiest part. "You need to measure your chest for the scout uniform," she tells her daughter every five minutes. Her daughter keeps being busy writing this, and procrastinating. She's finally ordered the uniform. 

52 years old, male 
He's up in his office now, on a business zoom meeting. Half an hour ago, he was downstairs and wandering around, eating the chips that his daughter decided not to take to school orientation. He was commenting on the rain, and jokingly telling his daughter she wasn't supposed to look in the container with the candy, because some of it was in her advent callender and she hadn't yet opened those things. Now he's laughing, probably at something funny someone on that zoom meeting said. It's the kind of laugh you'd expect from Santa; merry and carefree. Now the seiling is silent again. 
I was kind of inspired to write this, just because I'm sitting here by the Christmas tree in this cool chair, and felt like writing. 


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  • Stone of Jade

    this is great! writing small moment pieces is my fav--altho i don't often share mine cuse they are usually one liners.

    also, chapter 5 On the High Seas is out!!

    5 months ago