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Garden Camping

December 6, 2020

Within a five kilometre radius, camping provides few options, though sleeping outside was not cancelled. In fact, the narrow radius proves all the more reason why camping should remain to happen, frequently. It brought a change of scenery, scenery perspective at the least. 
    Appreciation of something directly in front of your eyes rarely builds. The thing, whether your over-growing garden or fridge with delicious food just belongs there. Often, no more thought. Until you find a reason to appreciate the simple things. Camping in your back garden is certainly one of those moments.

As dusk settled, Dad came into the sitting room. 
“Why don’t we camp in the garden tonight?”
At first, I thought he was going crazy. 
“It’d be freezin’.”
Until I thought again and realized it would be a good change for me not to sleep in the same bed, where I spent every night for the last few months.
“Let’s do it! But we need loads of blankies”.

I ran around the house gathering blankets. Fluffy blankets, the ones that make your hair stand on edge when you feel the prickly fabric and every blanket in between. There were more blankets bearing me down at the end of my collection than I knew existed within our walls. 
    Dad and my brother pitched the tent. The tougher work. Not purposefully but pleasingly I had avoided pitching the metal tent pegs into the ground covered with rotting leaves. My sister and Mam thought we were crazy, I did too before I lay into my sleeping bag and heard the cars driving along the nearby roads. How chaotic the surrounding world seemed while I lay in the tent, staring at the roof and occasionally talking to my brother when he stirred from his restless sleep. 
    Eventually, I fell asleep too, feeling the pointing stones beneath my back. The darkness enveloping the tent. I told myself no one was hiding in the bushes. Why would there be? Yet, my heart pulsed a song each time a leaf rustled or a dog barked. 

Teeth chattering and eyes stinging, I woke up. The sounds of gruntled choking filled the air. My previously calmed heart raced once more. My brother lay peacefully next to me, the back of his hand touching his cheek, it was not him who was having difficulty breathing.
    I unzipped the porch door and stepped into my wellington boots. Quietly, shuffling across the dew-rich grass to the hammock, I crept. Dad had decided to sleep in the hammock, a tarpaulin protecting him from the rain, which we were lucky not to endure that night. Watching Dad from an eagles view, I saw his chest heaving upwards and down, again and again. He was snoring!
     Why did his snores sound like chokes? Well, probably because of the uncomfortable position in which a hammock swallows your body and forces you to lie. 
With the birds chirping dawn chorus, came the decision that I needed to go inside to relieve myself from the uncomfortable feeling my full stomach provided. I found Dad lying on the ground when I revealed myself outside the tent. 
‘He fell!’ I thought to myself. 
Then came the noticing of all his belongings on the ground too and not because they also fell but were placed there. Another tarpaulin, blue this time not like the protecting green one, flattened on the ground beneath him. I retrieved the keys from beside Dad. The worn leather pouch in my hands, I stuck the key into the door and unlocked my way into warmth. My smile continuously bouncing ever-so-slightly, I decided to remain indoors. 

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  • Emi

    This sounds like such a fun idea! I like how you capture this moment with your family. Good luck in the competition!

    5 months ago
  • Writing4Life

    Re: Ty and yw! :P

    5 months ago
  • anemoia by a thread

    This was both interesting and lovely! I was just going to comment on the same sentence that stone of jade pointed out: Yet, my heart pulsed a song each time a leaf rustled or a dog barked.” I loved that line!
    Re: thank you for your kind words on my piece! And you’re welcome, I love being able to help out people here. Can’t wait to see what you do!

    5 months ago
  • Stone of Jade

    Oh my word i LOVE THIS! the ending is great and super relatable.
    /my heart pulsed a song each time a leaf rustled or a dog barked/
    ^^BUT! The way you said "my heart pounded" WITHOUT saying it directly is brilliant!!

    5 months ago