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Hi! I’m a 16 year old Pākehā New Zealander who is in love with the sea. Also I write on occasion :)

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Currently thinking about these lines...

“Had we but world enough and time
This coyness, lady, were no crime”

“The sensitive nor’ west afternoon
Collapsed, and the rain came”

The Answer

December 6, 2020


Today I put my hair up; it looked okay; I put it down again
Little changes are the most frightening
The dog decided to interrogate a sea lion, 
Dad had her on the leash but they both got chased anyway and I ran up the grassy bank
It was only a little prickly 
We were okay
The bus is noisy in the afternoon
So many people wanting to get home
It’s strange how we designate some places to be safer than others, even though we carry the same crooked thoughts everywhere we go
That’s okay, there is comfort in privacy
The pretence that we choose what the world learns of us
Infinite minds tick tick ticking
So predictable 
There is an overhanging branch in the bay around the way, and everyday there are spoonbills all lined up in a row
A patchwork of white feathers reflected in the glass
The tide line is marked across the creepers that frame this family portrait 
Do they argue? They must; every family does; that’s just how it goes, that’s okay
Raised voices and slammed doors are simply that other kind of lullaby, the one with no words but a tune that everybody knows
The library sends an email
Two overdue books, “What To Do When Chased By a Sea Lion” and “The Answer To Life”
If only there had been time to read them
Fish them out, take them back
A new book, “How to Find the Time to Read”; it is 800 pages long
There is irony here somewhere,
Unfortunately “Spotting Irony” is sitting unopened on the bookshelf
I think that’s okay though
Walk past the cinema
$10.99 for a box of popcorn; the staff can’t afford that, but it’s not for them anyway
I think this is a metaphor 
The ‘Haves’ and the ‘Have Nots’
Did you hear about that house that sold for one point five million; it wasn’t earthquake proof but the new residents can’t afford insurance, what with their mortgage and all
They said it was okay, there hasn’t been an earthquake around here for years
The government said there are 50 earthquakes a day in New Zealand
They hastened to add that there’s nothing they can do to help; private property, but only when it suits
The containers in the port are covered in multinational graffiti
The lines we drew across the world, some in pencil and some in permanent marker
These metal boxes are how we colour outside our self imposed restrictions on where and when we can travel under the unanimous sky
We found freedom and then locked it up with a chain named Nationalism
Our ancestors thought this was okay; at least, the ones who wrote the history books did and we are told that is the same thing
Sometimes it seems like there are things we are not supposed to know
I don’t know who decides this, though the millennia long guessing game is still causing strife
Maybe that is the point
Understanding is limited, and so there is no answer.



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  • sunfish

    Thank you so much @BizzleWrites !!! I’m so glad you found a connection in my writing to your own life, and it’s lovely to meet someone who appreciates this beautiful land :)

    5 months ago
  • BizzleWrites

    Wow. It's funny, because just when I'm missing New Zealand the most, this piece pops up in my dashboard, clear as day. And it's the familiar comfort that other people go through the same things as me, and that they even write about them and post them here, to pop up on my dashboard when I want to move back to New Zealand.
    And this is a REALLY GREAT piece.

    5 months ago