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Magnum Chp. 5

March 27, 2021


    "Boom! Blood is all over your dinosaur Ella. My t rex won! Na-nana boo-boo!" Tom "brags" to me after my triceratops and his t rex do a "bloody" fight. I make my triceratops run into the t rex in full speed and declare victory.
    "Cheater! You cheated!" Tom yells and then pouts. He folds his arms together, well rather tries to because doesn't really know how to. After a minute or so he gets into his pose and hmphs. I sigh into laughter and walk out his room. "Where are you going, Ella?!" Tom calls out of his room. "In my room. Don't you dare follow me!" I say back to him.
    As I walk in my room I close the door and belly jump onto my bed. I grab the LED light remote and put them on. My head instantly turns to try to find Magnum or rather two little bright lights, but only sees the sunset. My stomach growls like an angry monster waiting to get out. I see two bright lights driving onto the driveway smoothly. Must be mom's Audi. I jump out of my bed and go downstairs. Our big wooden door opens with mom wearing her favorite vest submerging from the side.
    "Honey, do you want to come to the grocery store to get some food? I already asked Mia and she is coming with us. Some time without the boys," she laughs with a small smile. "Now go and get ready. I need to change into my home clothes." And comb her seriously messy hair, I thinkI nod and go upstairs to change again into my school outfit from my pjs.
    After we are all ready, we go in the car and start driving. Little raindrops fall from the sky and run down the window like a river. Mia and I start playing a silent game of chopsticks. She corners me. A small drizzle turns into pouring of rain, making it sound like hail was coming on our car.
    "Can we get my favorite snacks, mom?" Mia asks and winks to me. She always says the same question and gets same answer.
    "Uh sure! 5 snacks each and I will tell dad to ask Tom which snack he wants to, ok?" She looks at the rear mirror and chuckles because behind her are two people who like they saw a ghost. We might as well have. Mom never lets us get snacks. She is very health conscious for some reason and dad always jokes about it.
    "M-mom, are you OK?!" Mia asks dramatically like mom just sprouted three heads. She laughs and nods her head. Mia and I look at each other's weirded out faces and burst out laughing. We make our mom laugh hard, but she suddenly stops. We look out the window and realize why. The grocery store was broken into by lots of people and it was a mess.


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