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Creative Non-Fiction Completion 2020

December 6, 2020

Coming into the year 2020 you would have never thought the world was about to come crashing down. I was going into my first year of high school after the summer of 2020. Excited and wanting middle school to be over, I longed for April and May to speed along. My wish was demolished when the rising threat of COVID-19 started to grow bigger and bigger. First it was one person, it's only one person dont freak out. Then it was 5, maybe it will go away. Then it was 15, it hasnt reached Wyoming yet. Then it was 100. The world crashed down in the matter of weeks. They told us that spring break was going to be a bit longer. Then it was longer and longer and finally, school was shut down. Online school prevailed. It wasnt horrible for me, I got my stuff done and was done for the day but that was the problem. I was doing nothing. Summer came and we all were wondering what was going to happen. It's like a good book that you cant stop reading but you hit a part that nothing makes sense, nothing is certain, but you must keep reading even if the story is going at snails pace. Welcome to summer everyone! Swimming pool is... CLOSED. Movie theater is... CLOSED. Restrictions and guidelines came flooding out of everywhere. If you have a fever...if you have a sore throat and a fever... if you have a sore throat, fever, loss of taste.... if you have loss of taste or smell, fever, sore throat, are achy... STAY HOME. The symptoms and restrictions kept getting longer and longer. It was insane thinking I'm going to be able to go to school but not even knowing if that's true. I'm the type of person that likes to please and to control situations but this was nothing that anyone could have foreseen. No amount of planning and organizing could have predicted it was going to get so much worse. Enough of the history time for the present. We got to go back to school but at what cost? We are high schoolers, we know what's happening and we arent stupid. We know what is going on but we dont know what will happen. Instead of just shopping for things that are a necessity for school, you have to add about 30 other things. Masks, wipes, hand sanitizer, etc. Dont get me wrong I'm glad to be back in school even if its not close to normal. My school tried to make it as normal as it could be. Sports are still happening and after school activities are too. Homework is still being handed out even if it's on computers. The principles even had a bonfire that pretty much the whole high school came to. So yes things are upside down but theres still some normal things that give us hope for a great high school experience. I got to have a great swim season with my best friend and our team was tiny but we were close. I get to hang with friends and my family. Others might have a different view but this is mine: masks are not a big deal. I dont need parties and lots of friends to have a great Freshman year. I look on the brightside; I'm in school, I get to swim, and I get to see my friends and my family ever day. So what if I have to wear a mask to do so. I went to my best friends house for Halloween and it was strange because in their car I was thinking, i need to put my mask on. But wait, these people are like my family, why do I feel I need to put a mask on. Who knew that 'mask' was even going to be a word in our vocabulary? I didnt. In fact, I had to go the clinic because my throat was hurting (this was way before the pandemic hit) and the nurse made me put a mask on and it was so bizarre to me. I went from "why do I have to wear a mask" to "I have to put on my mask" over one summer. A mask just feels part of my face now. It's so insane. Everything now is so insane it's just normal. In one of my classes, we were watching a video from 2 years ago so of course the people werent wearing masks. Then a boy in my class was like, "it's weird that these people arent wearing masks" and then it hit me on how our world really has changed. Not the masks, not the social distancing but our minds. It will be 50 years into the future and I will be telling my grandchildren about how we had to wear masks to school. How after this is over that we will walk out of the house and be like "oh I need a mask" and then saying "wait no I dont." When that day comes, will it be strange to walk outside without a mask and say hi to your neighbors not 6 feet away? The world is always changing but how many times will our world change again? At the very beginning of all of this people said "it will be an adventure" and now every adventure seems plausible. This math test is going to be hard, work harder. So what have i learned from this whole experience? The world is changing and sometimes that means changing along with it to become stronger and better. I wish this whole thing never happened but it did and I'm going to take each hurdle and try to jump over it. It will be challenging but there are people who help such as family, friends, teachers, nurses, doctors and so many more. So thank you. Thank you for helping me over the hurdles and being there with me for all of it.


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  • SunV

    This was a beautiful read! I loved it, just as much as Starlitskies! It's a bit too late to give in a review, so just something you can think about: You can split the thing into different paragraphs. Writing everything in a single paragraph might throw the reader off.

    10 months ago
  • Starlitskies

    This was a wonderful read! I loved the metaphor about the book and the line, " A mask just feels part of my face now.", I was thinking to myself, OMG that is so true!!! May I offer a few suggestions? Your title doesn't have to be the competition name. You can write your own title. And how about adding a bit of dialogue to your piece? I think it would really spice it up! Good luck! :)

    10 months ago